Sunday, June 21, 2015

Okay, Industrial Art Then ...

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Yes, art! 

California meets the demand

Economics 102
Law of Supply and Demand

Two Granchirrens Rate Grampy

Two Granchirrens Rate Grampy

God Stuff

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"... and please don't say that God existed before the Big Bang ..."

I'm not trying to start any flame wars, but more and more this is stuff I think about .... Here someone asks Jesuit Father Mitch Pacwa ....

If space and time started at the  time of the Big Bang, say 14 billion years ago, and time did not exist before that, we must assume that the creation of the universe  and of God were contemporaneous events, rather than the reverse ....

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Mystery Solved

Dear Fix-a-Flat ...

I'm so flatted ...


So, I have a CT Scan to get too and, whoa!  A very slow tire leak hath possessed my left rear tire.  But no worry, I had fortuitously just purchased a can of fix a flat (Tire sensor safe!).   Screwed the nipple on (mmmmmm, nipple) and pressed the trigger.  KABLOWWY!  The thing blew up in my face.  Opening my right eye just enough to navigate, I made it into the kitchen and sprayed my face. I wasn't blind, so there's that. 

Back outside I turned on the compressor and pumped the tire up to 32 lbs, and took off.   It was a slow leak after all.  On the off ramp to the hospital I feel the wheels go squishy, and—yup—the sound of flat tire.  With a line of cars behind me, and the parking garage just a football field away, I went for it.  KA-SLAPPETA
KA-SLAPPETA KA-SLAPPETA.  I parked right in front of the elevator in a do not park space, and made it with a minute to spare.  Shredded.

Did I say I don't have a cell phone?  Don't want one. I did have my I pad, so I took a pic of my location and posted it on MoSup's Facebook page (I don't do Facebook myself). A minute later I looked to see if it posted, and my daughter had already commented "Jimi (my S-I-L) on the way!" 

To finish in as few words as possible... When I got to the car Jimi had replaced the tire with the donut tire.  But it was flat.  We drove to a tire store with the rim and bought a new tire for $122.00.  Went back in time to face the beach traffic.  Got home.  Did I say MoSup had warned me to get the leak fixed?  She did not say a word.  She is a saint.

  1. PS- If the fix a flat  people see this, I was blinded by their product and the operation will cost $5 million. 
  2. PPS - Within 5 minutes of that FB post I received (on my iPad) a copy of his AAA card from one son, and a "what can I do" note from another.  It's good to be a father.
  3. PPPS - God Bless You Jimi HAHA