Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bouncing Kate

Until Tomorrow Then

Tommy Lee Smith



I saw that video on the Smithsonian Channel and freaked.  It's the first time I've ever seen footage about the Army Primary Helicopter school in Mineral Wells, TX.  Larry Lis,  trying to hover, is me!  As previously chronicled, it only took me about 6 hours to master that art, but then, Larry made it through while I wound up in Army Optical School in Aurora Co**.

One more thing.  I'd never ever heard about this extraction of 100 ARVN that required pilots to use their rotors to cut down stands of bamboo in order to make the pick ups.  Wow.  Really a thrilling story, even for girls.
And this memory.

** Larry's "solo gambit" would not been tolerated in 1963 when the attrition rate was 80%, plus*.

Penn State Shakes

  Rivalry and Ribaldry


Top 10 reasons we didn’t shake hands with PSU last year
10. Coach said "smack’em in the mouth" nothing about shaking hands. 
9. We thought they had their hands out for $money$ to help pay their $60 million fine.
8. With that whole E-bola thing we couldn’t be too careful.
7. We had already met minutes earlier when they ran thru our pre-game warm-ups, so no further 
introductions were needed.
6. PSU’s #14 had rosey cheeks, watery eyes, and looked sick, and he looked sicker after the game started.
5. UA founder & MD alum Kevin Plank said "Don’t get any of that Nike* crap on our great looking UA uniforms".
4. In that part of Pennsylvania, it starts with a handshake, then its a hug, then its a kiss, and then…well you know.
3. We heard they had played with some "useless nuts"(tOSU) and almost beat’em the week before.
2. We ran out of hand sanitizer in the locker room. 
1. They looked like DOOK!

In my freshman year I watched the Terps beat Penn State for the first time.  It would be the last time until last year.  I hate Penn State, in the football sense.  Today, the rematch at home.  There is a reason why Randy Edsall was fired after their loss at Michigan.   The Terps will shake hands with the bastids this time and lose  35-18.  We will kill them next year.  Book it.