Saturday, January 02, 2016

Michelle Roque;QB

Res Ipsa Loquitur

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Michelle Roque never heard back from Jimbo Fisher, so Florida State's most celebrated football player will be watching No. 9 Florida State play No. 18 Houston in the Chick Fil-A Peach Bowl from home on Thursday.

She's the most popular student on Florida State's campus -- as confirmed by the page views, worship from adoring strangers, autograph requests, nods from NFL players and Twitter marriage proposals.

Count Seminoles players among those agog.
Fisher largely ignores social media, so he probably missed Roque's offer and what much of Florida State was buzzing about earlier this month: her 19-play highlight reel that includes 38 avoided "tackles" -- 13 on one play -- 11 touchdowns, seven completions, one reception, one interception, one diving stop on a male quarterback and an all-purpose yards total that would challenge Christian McCaffrey.

"I even tweeted Jimbo," Roque said. She hoped he would consider her at quarterback.

Roque, the Florida State flag football star and a member of Delta Gamma, melted social media with her complete disregard for the emotional and physical well-being of rival sororities. A video of her sending players tumbling as they grasped at air went viral last fall, but that was merely serving as the accelerant for a sequel that ignited the internet -- a full-length highlight tape replete with flailing bodies, slow-motion jukes and an 808 drum beat. [Keeping Abreast ...]

Jimbo Fisher might have told reporters:  "Hey, I have enough problems with these boys raping women to being with; ain't no way I'm serving one up in the locker room."


Ralph Gizzip said...

Actually FSU ran up against the Offensive Coordinator from last year's NCAA champions.

Why was Ohio State's offense so anemic this season? Tom Hermann left to become head coach @ Houston.

O H!

I O!

Esteve said...

Women can be Rangers and SEALs, football surely is on the horizon. Liberal NFL must get with it.

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