Sunday, January 31, 2016

The uniqueness of me

"Feldspar is to a torqe wrench as Larkspur is to cottage cheese" Me

Just once, I wanted to offer something that nobody else in recorded history had ever said.  I think I nailed it.


FishStyx said...

Anonymous said...

You are unique, just like everyone else.

bocopro said...

One of my favorites I heard a guy claim that no one had ever said before:

"Take the goat around back; the boys and I have been shot."

Love jarring nonsequiturs sometimes, like the time I heard a dying wounded thug tell his capo that he'd been ambushed by the tennis police.

drew458 said...

You spelled torque wrong.

DougM said...

^ Yeah, but a pedantic grammar nazi would point out that the book's title has a period, which implies that it's a sentence; but it has no verb (or substitute punctuation, whatever that's called by truly pedantic grammar nazis).

Jon said...

Weren't the Uniques childless Romans ?

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