Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hillary;Destroying Files


cuzzin ricky


toadold said...

The bunker scene when she finds out that the Attorney General has been arrested, Obama has left the country, Soddy Arabia is having a revolt, Huma is nowhere to be found, Bill is trying to eat a hamburger and get a BJ on YouTube, and the FBI, DEA, and SPCA are closing in.

Sonoboy said...

The emails, friends say, don't disturb her.
And Benghazi, as well; not a stir.
What really brings chill
to the pugnacious Hill
is that socialist snake saboteur.

Anonymous said...

Reading a Sono type boy
Who's poetry's truly a joy
Once posted in verse
One can not reverse
Thus Rodger you must not annoy.


Sonoboy said...

Thumbs up, Tim! Now isn't that fun? Hell, Washington alone provides an unlimited source of subject matter.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Nice idea; but being multilingual, I find it very jarring when the english subtitles do not match what is being said in German. Eyes and ears get different messages and the bog mindles ;-)

Cuzzin Rick said...

Suggestion Stu.... turn off your audio.... just sayin

Cuzzin Rick

TheOldMan said...

That's some nasty carbon footprint there.

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