Friday, January 22, 2016

Trumping the GOP for God

Political Spaghetti

(Ann Coulter)

We have never had total war against a candidate like we're seeing with Donald Trump. All elements of national media are uniting to stop him.

Look for a fake Trump scandal to break -- probably from a conservative news outlet -- right before the Iowa caucus.

The attacks on Trump from the "conservative" media calling him a socialist, a Democrat, a flip-flopper, a fake conservative are just name-calling. I notice that the accusers never include examples, not true ones, anyway.
Here are some examples of how Trump has always been for Americans first
A few months ago, an alleged Trump quote from a 1998 People magazine interview was circulating on the Internet, claiming Trump said that if he ever ran for president, he'd run as a Republican because Republican voters are "the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'd still eat it up."

I pay a lot for Nexis, and Trump has never said anything remotely resembling this. investigated, too, and also concluded the quote was a fake. But you can probably still find some idiot tweeting it out right now.

Last week, Glenn Beck "retweeted" a post allegedly tweeted by Trump the day after the 2012 election, saying: "I always vote for the winners! Congratulations to My Friend, @BarackObama!"

If that doesn't sound like Trump, it's because Trump never said it. Beck's retweet sure made it look real, but you can check Trump's Twitter archive.

All the stories about Trump being a fraud keep turning out to be the real frauds. (Coulter cont.)

"All elements of national media are uniting to stop him."

From my perspective, as a "senior" political analyst, it's been true (for at least 50 years) that the GOP candidate Democrats most rail against (fear) was the  best candidate for America in the race.  We all, I think, will generally agree with that supposition.  But, it's also true that the candidate the GOP works hardest to defeat, often in league with Democrats,  has also been the best man (or woman) running.  1n 1980 the GOP establishment  tried and failed to destroy Reagan because he was smarter than them; had the best message for America; and was more media savvy.  Donald Trump is playing that song. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this instance.


DougM said...

Kid's a Pastafarian.

Esteve said...

The Republican leadership has told us they were conservatives and would fight Obama every time they needed our votes. And they have lied. I will probably vote Cruz in the primary but if Trumps the candidate in the general, I'll vote for him. He hasn't lied to me yet.

Sonoboy said...

Ann wields her Nexis knowledge as a modern day Samurai, as evidenced by the vast amount of footnotes in her books. I'm certainly glad she got over her 'biker boy' love of Christie.

Sonoboy said...
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Juice said...

Once again your talent for associating artistic vision to our daily lives rings the bell! That photo is worth more than a 1,000 words.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

God bless you Juice; always good for an ego boner!

Sonoboy said...

The National Review has an article stating that if Trump is nominated it would 'fundamentally change the GOP'. These guys just don't get it. They don't (or won't) see that change is what we desire. I'm also going to have to reevaluate my daily routine of listening to Erick Ericksons show here in Atlanta, as he was one of those submitting an anti-Trump position statement in the same issue. I'm starting to wonder if Erick was truly offended by Trumps actions, which led to the DIS-invite to the conservative forum, or was he just looking for ANY excuse to discredit 'The Donald'.

Juice said...

Rodger, you earn your compliments. truth :)

Juice said...

The more spaghetti is thrown at the Donald hoping for a stick the messier the room becomes for those who are throwing it. Trump has dared to enter their arena without an invitation. boo-hoo

Tom Smith said...

I guess it depends on if you can trust him when he said he has changed.

Sonoboy said...

The spaghetti, it just doesn't stick.
The Donald, he's making them sick.
He's raising the bar,
he's too cool by far.
But the elites still act like a prick.

Juice said...

Nice touch Sonoboy.

Juice said...

Tom Smith, It seems this PAC was started by a former Mitt Romney aid. The problem with this type of video is that each little hot-topic clip meant to be a gut punch to Trump, is what the current 'conservative' GOP has not only enabled but downright supported, not only through Democrat legislation but Obama's executive orders. IMO, the current Republican Rat Pack need to return to the remains of their days in shame. And Tom, I do hope Trump is what he says he is -today- and that we are not hoodwinked again like so many sheeple.

Sonoboy said...

Thanks, Juice. I probably need to take a little more time for composition, but when the creative flashes come, I usually just grab the keyboard and let-er-rip. For example, I would probably replace 'too cool' with 'too clever' right now; either one works depending on your political perspective. Anyway, it's an iterative process, as are all artistic endeavors.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Although I greatly respect Ted Cruz, if I had to vote in my state’s primary today, I’d vote for Trump for two reasons. 1) Ted Cruz is campaigning with amnesty-traitor, Glenn Beck, and 2) Trump is endorsed by people I generally trust including Phyllis Schlafly, Sarah Palin and Jared Taylor.

Below is the Wikipedia page with endorsements, if you want to play along.,_2016

Tom Smith said...

I will vote Cruz for the primary but if Trump is the nominee I wont hold my nose voting for him like I did Romney and McCain. Trump is a deal maker and has no problem switching sides and calling it a win.

gadfly said...

Trump is a progressive, a narciissist, and most likely a Ceasarist which potentially can make him worse than Obama.

He gives campaign speeches about his poll numbers instead of rationally discussing his plans and programs.

He talks down to everyone and what he doesn't know, he makes up. Promises, promises, promises while assuring everyone he can fix it - but he never has.

He is not a successful businessman if he he to do bankruptcy four times and he does bribes and tries to run little old ladies out off their homes.

He gives more contributions to Democrats than to the GOP and he flip-flops on everything. He took a loan from Daddy Dearest and cooked the books that Dad was buying into the business. The worlds bigest junk bonder criticizes Cruz for borrowing against his investment account.

This is too easy and Coulter ignores his bad deeds.

pdwalker said...

There is 1 issue this election cycle that matters more than anything else. Immigration and border control. If this problem is not solved by the federal government properly, then the country will continue to head down into the shitter at full speed.

Everything else is secondary to this. Multiculturalism and diversity is a death sentence to the country. Bringing in more low grade, moronic, democrat voting, welfare parasites is not the way to maintain a first world society. To say nothing of the moslems who are actively seeking to destroy the "Great Satan" from within. Then there is the weath producing population that is rapidly becoming a minority, if they are not already.

Of all the current candidates, only one has spoken out against open borders and uncontrolled immigration. Only one, and that's Trump. Every other candidate will do nothing to the border, and do everything to make sure the parasites are welcomed with open arms, and your money.

Sure, Trump's now a politician and all politicians lie. But at least he's the only politician that is saying what needs to be said. All the other traitors can't even be bothered to lie about that (except that cuckservative Cruz who changed his story slightly when he saw which way the wind was blowing).

Given that you may vote for one of these losers, why not vote for the one who at least is saying what needs to be said? Who knows, he might even be telling the truth.

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