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            Monday, February 15, 2016


Baxter Black, Lucky to be ... Baxter loses a friend

It's been nigh on ten year since I first posted the "So Lucky..." piece what ran daily on the RFD channel (which Verizon dumped this month).  Hadn't seen the other, but it's also poignant, and belongs sadly, I think, to another era.


            Baxter Black Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 2/15/2016 09:43:00 AM | PERMALINK Back Link (11) | Send This Post | HOME


Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
Another great blast from the past at C&S.
My first introduction to Baxter Black was at your blog those (many) years ago. Sometime later, Coyote Cowboy Poetry, was passed on to me. I am glad to have learned of Baxter Black and must believe that there are a whole lot more Americans who think like he does than we are aware of - in this - current era.
RFD is on Prism.
Baxter Black and Paul Harvey. Those were better radio days back then.
what is this Prism thing you speak of?
Raja, Prism is a TV delivery service from Century Link. I use it for phone (short and long distance), internet connection through the phone line, and TV. My service includes local and cable channels (all delivered through the phone line) and a lot of channels I found out about after getting it. Life RFD, and One America News, which has no commercials, and is more conservative than FOX. They used to have the beautiful, 23-year-old Tomi Lahren, but she went over to Blaze.

I think I have all the movie channels there are, but I don't watch them. My wife and daughter do. They include a DVR. System performance is pretty good, but when it has a glitch I can fix it myself, or get their techs to do it reasonably fast.

I pay $218 per month. The only thing I don't get, but which is available, is the Philippine Channel.

RFD is one station down from RLTV, where I see A Taste of History with Chef Walter Staib, who gives Revolutionary War era history together with favorite dishes of the founding fathers, prepared on a Dutch oven. Staib owns the historic Philadelphia's City Tavern, which was HQ in that town for the senior revolutionaries. He's terrific.

You might also like NYPD Blue, two hours per night, on Heroes and Icons, followed by two hours of Combat. Between 8 and 10 pacific every night, I'm on my bed watching NYPD Blue.
Only available in 13 states, and mine ain't one.
Skoonj, dontcha just love the dialog on NYPD Blue? That was back when they had technical advisors who really knew "inside NYPD" stuff, especially the jargon and the speech patterns; in all the "gritty" NY cop shows (even "Kojak" or "Barney Miller"), when did the public ever encounter a NY cop term like "skell" or "hairbag" or even "on The Job", or all that talk about "reaching out"?
Raja, I can only hope Prism expands to your area soon. As for Heroes and Icons, they are listed with WDCA in Washington, DC, "on air", which means via coathanger. They did that here after their first affiliate was dropped. I was actually on the phone with the station that then got listed as "on air", at the very moment it started on Prism in one of their digital substations. Now they have to inform the H&I, Prism, and other carriers, and then they will get listed on the guides. That was two weeks ago, and I still tune in to NYPD Blue by clicking on Johnny Carson.

Stu, I know what you mean, and I should be more tuned in because my old man was a cop there. Just don't get me in a jackpot over it. I don't need the rip.

I didn't start watching the show until it had been on several years, so H&I is catching me up. With two shows a night, seven days a week, that's 14 shows a week, or two and a half months worth of the show. It doesn't take long to go through the whole series, including all of Sipowicz's wives and partners. I think I've said this many times, but the real NYPD was PDNY until the show NYPD became a hit in the 60s. My old man had a tie clip with PDNY on it. The department simply changed by popular demand.
Three and a half months! That's a lot of them!
Ah, Andy Sipowicz! What a great character, and a great characterization! A NYC cop with a Chicago accent! And, despite his Chi-town background, the guy made the adjustments, because back in Chicago he and everyone around him would have pronounced his name "Sipovitch", not "Sipowitz".

Sipowicz was essentially the same character Franz played on "Hill Street Blues", Det. Sal Benedetto and Lt. Norman Buntz (reprised on the short-lived spinoff, "Beverly Hills Buntz").
I didn't know Franz was on Hill Street Blues until a couple of weeks ago, when I saw him as a lieutenant in the last few minutes while I was waiting for NYPDB to come on (yes, it's the two hour block before NYPDB on H&I). I had never seen that series, and don't plan to start.

One of the things I like about NYPDB is seeing actors before they got roles I know them for. Kevin Chapman and Enrico Colantoni, showed up other places including Person of Interest. Colantoni was also in Just Shoot Me. They were suspects in NYPDB. Lucy Liu was also in the show.

Watching the show should be required for everyone. It gives you a realistic look at how cops, especially detectives, do their jobs and make cases. It should tell you never to talk with a cop! Sometimes I find myself telling a suspect to shut up and not fall for what they are doing!
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