Wednesday, March 23, 2016

McFarland, USA

cinema à la carte                                 

In 1987, in Boise, football coach Jim White is chastising his players for an underwhelming half. Jim gets into a verbal altercation with one of the players, resulting in Jim throwing a football shoe with cleats at him. Following this incident, Jim is forced to move with his wife, Cheryl, and two daughters, Julie and Jamie. They settle down in McFarland, California, a predominantly Hispanic town. On their first night there, the family goes to a small restaurant and leaves to find a large gathering of Latinos in cars surrounding the place. One man makes suggestive motions toward Julie, prompting the family to leave faster.

White starts his new job as the life science/PE teacher and assistant football coach at school. During Jim's PE class, three boys, the Diaz brothers Danny, Damacio, and David, are forced by their mother to leave. During a later PE class, Jim sits on the bleachers and watches the boys run around the track with Jamie joining him. He comments that the boys, particularly Victor and Johnny (who got cut from the football team) move very fast. Jim goes to Principal Camillo to  .... [Wiki]

This is an extraordinarily good, upbeat movie.  It's the America we know exists.  We found it on Starz, else it's hard to find - for free.  Amazon Prime has it, but like just about everything else on Amazon Prime, it'll cost you. You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Ask:
I hope this is not too late to get an answer out of you Rog, or from one of your readers. A few days ago I ordered a few things from and I inadvertently clicked on the free Amazon Prime button. Then I thought, I'll give it a try for 30 days.

Tonight I decided to watch a movie that was included in the 30 day Free/$99 per year membership. I found out that I do not have a "Supported Device" to watch the movie. I'm told that I can only download on my wife's I-Pad or my Android and I don't want to watch movies on those small screens.

I thought that I could watch it on my computer, thru my TV via my DirecTv hook-up and even burn a DVD copy. OK, I thought, I guess that I'll have to rent one or buy one to do that. NOPE! Still can't.

And even if I bought a copy for myself I can't copy it on a DVD, only download it into a "Supported Device" which to me doesn't sound like a purchase at all.

For years I had been copying my purchased VHS movies on my dual-deck Go-Video, since it would over ride the copy guard, and then transferring the copy to DVD. So, whenever I "Bought" a video it was truly mine and in a longer lived format.

What I'd like to know - Do any of the streaming video sources, like Amazon and Netflix, have the capability to stream directly to your computer, TV and DVR?

I've already cancelled the Amazon Prime when my 30 day freebie runs out. At least I got free shipping on the 3 BBQ/cooking items we ordered.

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