Wednesday, March 23, 2016

President Dissed, He's Not Pissed

The Obamissariat                                      

Obama Atones for America’s Sins in Cuba
“He landed in Cuba and Raul Castro… who’s the head of Cuba, wasn’t there to greet him.”

Some two thousand years ago, the Messiah journeyed into Jerusalem. He came as the people’s redeemer, to expiate their sins. As he drew near Bethpage and Bethany, he sent two disciples before him to fetch a tethered colt. He would mount the colt and ride it into the holy city to sounds of hosannas from the faithful — and to the rebukes of the Pharisees.

"And the head of Cuba, who was there for the pope and he was there for other dignitaries that come in, but he wasn’t there for the president of the United States. I mean, we are amateur-hour folks! [more loud laughter]... Obama should have turned the plane around and left.” Donald Trump
Some two thousand years henceforth, Palm Sunday 2016, Barack Hussein Obama, political redeemer of the secular left, arrived in communist Cuba aboard Air Force One. It is an island once rich in the faith, only to be annihilated by Fidel and Raul Castro and their war on religion. “Heaven… right here in front of me,” was how Thomas Merton, the atheist-communist who became a devout Catholic monk, once described pre-Castro’s Cuba. “Every morning… I could find my way quickly to any one of a dozen churches as old as the seventeenth century. Almost as soon as I went in the door I could receive Communion, if I wished… and every fifteen or twenty minutes a new Mass was starting at a different altar…. Everywhere I turned, there was someone ready to feed me with the infinite strength of the Christ Who loved me.”

That was the wondrous, pious Cuba the Castro brothers destroyed. And it is the Castro boys that Barack Obama, product of a pro-communist/pro-Castro mother and father and a literal Communist Party USA mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, is eager to embrace — and to forgive. Really, I’m sure that in his heart of hearts, Barack agrees with the Castros that America is the side that needs to be forgiven. America is the aggressor, the sinner that stands in need of reparation. [Full FRONT PAGE]

I really, really dislike this man.


Anonymous said...

"Really, really dislike"
I've never hated a human being (I won't give credit using "man") more in my life.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Bogdaddy said...

"human being?" Sociopath.

Stu Tarlowe said...

"The First Black President" also conveniently ignores that the Castro regime is probably the worst practitioner of institutionalized racism against blacks in the entire world.

This is also ignored by the Congressional Black Caucus on their junkets to Uncle Fidel's Island Paradise, where they, too, act all buddy-buddy with the Castros.

I've written about this at least twice:

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