Thursday, March 03, 2016

Things I Trust More Than Obama

cuzzin ricky


Esteve said...

MSNBC giving helpful advice to Republicans.
A UN Peace Keeper protecting children.
Mitch McConnell keeping a promise.
A dentist saying "this won't hurt."

jlw said...

Harry Reid Day Care Center

Regnad Kcin said...

1) A Nancy Pelosi Reach-Around
2) A Leaking Prophylactic
3) An Overnight Stay In Shawshank said...

Barry's chin, Putin's dome?

JLW III said...

I gave up on sports a long time ago and when I read this I thought: "Pete Carril. He was a great coach." Then I had one of those "Never Mind" moments.

P '67

SoylentGreen said...

That's the child if Oh!Bamma bent over for Pootie Poot.

Anonymous said...

History Channel's Ancient Aliens
California will pay State Tax refunds.
The Federal Government cares about our Veterans.
I will live to see a Social Security check.
The Republicans Party's opinion of Trump.
Scalia died of natural causes.
Hillary cares about abused women.
Our Federal deficit is reasonable.
Negative interest rates are a good sign of economic recovery.
Governments spending our money stimulates the economy more than we can spending it.


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