Thursday, March 03, 2016

What Planes

cuzzin ricky


Anonymous said...

Those planes were made in Italy. "Fix It Again, Tony!"

Sonoboy said...

"In recognition of his his outstanding work, the congressman will now be relocated to his new offices; stalls 1-3, in the basement mens restrooms."

Oh, and he'll be advised never to talk to Sheryl again. Because he made the powerful look bad.

Wabano said...

This has as much chance of resolution as the Benghazi and E-mail investigation...too many Arbustos and Obamunists are involved...This was actually a great airplane...but proper baksheesh was off to beer can parking lot for 16 of them C-27(real US name)...Strange side stories...One, used by the Italian Air Forces to water bomb fires in the Alps crashed due to turbulence...So the Eye General Staff ordered they drop no lower than from a thousand feet(like the US Air force do with their MAFF C-130 Hercules)...So, a pissed off Berlusconi purchased a fleet of our water bombers.(We drop from fifty feet!)

Also, Gaddafi purchased a fleet of Alitalia G-222 but the General Electric T64 was embargoed, so they put in two Rolls Royce Tynes with twice the power, making it a real rocket ship...Only needed three hundred feet for take off!

There is six of them C-27 left in Rammstein...Only 200 hours were flown total!
It was a great airplane, an illustration on how corrupt the shrubby, clintoon and Barry Hussein military has degenerated into...

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