Monday, April 18, 2016

Crooked Hillary


ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, who worked under Bill Clinton in the White House, asked Hillary about the new nickname on This Week.

Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady -- a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation -- is a congenital liar. William Safire, NYT, 1996!
STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s the new nickname, Crooked Hillary.

Your response?

CLINTON: I don’t respond to Donald Trump and his string of insults, uh, about me. I can take care of myself. I look forward to running against him if he turns out to be the Republican nominee if I am the Democratic nominee.

What I’m concerned about is how he goes after everybody else. He goes after women. He goes after Muslims. He goes after immigrants. He goes after people with disabilities. He is hurting our unity at home. Uh, he is undermining the values that we stand for in New York and across America. And he’s hurting us around the world.

He can say whatever he wants to say about me. I really could care less.

Trump, who attacked Clinton in 2015 for abetting her husband’s treatment of women, continued the new line of attack on her ethics Sunday. “She’s been crooked from the beginning. And to think, she has shot of being our president?” he mocked. “Crooked Hillary Clinton. We can’t let it happen!”

It tears my soul apart that ... that ... this is news? ... and being debated?  Star Chamber stuff. Thank you Donald Trump for saying what every opponent she's ever faced ought have been saying. Balls.


Stu Tarlowe said...

It would carry more impact if he hadn't spent so much time and energy branding Ted Cruz as "Lyin' Ted", which waters down the the late Wm. Safire's classic 1996 description of Hillary as "a congenital liar".

Cruz didn't deserve the sobriquet, whereas calling Hillary "crooked" is almost too kind; she could rightly be called (among other things) "Blood-on-her-Hands Hillary".

Anonymous said...

Besides, on a scale of poor character, he's right up there with her. They're just not going to fire back at him unless he gets the nomination. Trump is a callow thief, no matter how much billshit he throws into the air.


Eskyman said...

Trump's pretty bad, all right. He's also the last turnoff before the cliff, but that apparently doesn't matter. We'd all much rather go down with our GOPe flags flying!

Interesting that Stephanopoulos didn't mention his many contributions to Hitlery, isn't it? He must've forgot.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to unindicted co conspirator.

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