Monday, April 18, 2016

Transgenderism ... the new Hula Hoop

These people are so unbelievably stuipd, and they're a product of a relativistic, self-love society. I had a conversation with someone like this on my university campus. We talked about transgenderism. She said I could identify as a white female even though I'm a black male. In fact, our conversation got to the point where she was okay with me identifying as a guinea pig. She refused to tell me that I'd be wrong if I actually thought that way. Sooooo stuipd and a little scary too. This is our generation. We're fucked.

Oh god I hope she doesn't have kids. Son- I'm a dinosaur, mother-yep and don't let anyone tell you other wise
+JT Faisa Well talk about the uncle tom of guinea pigs. As someone who also identifies as a trans-species-guinea pig I am appalled that you just threw our kind under the bus like you did. And for what? To win an argument? Shame on you!
Stab me in the liver, why don't ya ....


JLW III said...

"The pedophiles have traded in their raincoats for dresses."


Esteve said...

The only bright side to these pitiful excuses for human beings is that that tend not to procreate. The women are either militant man hating feminists or they are baby haters and abort as a badge of honor. And the men, well not many of them identify as such.

Esteve said...

Senior moment. This comment was intended for "College kid say the darndest things."

Nelson Butterworth said...

They've "opened their minds" so much that their brains have fallen out.

Cheesy said...

Well, if "identifying" that I'm filthy rich works, I'm jumping on their bus too.

Anonymous said...

The video lost all credibility with the opening credits when they told us who was responsible for making it.

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