Friday, April 29, 2016

Smoking Scorpions

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“I started scorpion smoking in the mid-'60s,” recalls 74-year-old Sohbat Khan.

It was during General Ayub Khan’s era, and Khan was only 20 years old. He would frequent the famous Jalil Kabab house in Peshawar, which is how he met the vendor who sold scorpions worth Re 1 or Rs 2 right next to the eatery. The men got their supply from the Matani area, which is rich in scorpions because of its insufferably hot weather.

Khan says he has quit smoking scorpions. His eyes are sunken from years of addiction, and his pale face and hollow cheeks betray a dependence on opium. “Nasha pa nasha khatmege,” he says, smiling – some drugs are beaten by other drugs.

His addiction to opium doesn’t bother him as much. Khan says opium’s affects are far safer than scorpion smoking. He knows his body is too old to bear the high, but there are days he still feels the pull. [Full]
Wait until San Francisco reads about this.


Stu Tarlowe said...

Hey, people have been known to smoke some weird shit. When I lived up in the NW, I knew some Indians (Oops! Native Americans) who smoked fish!!
And two summers ago here in KC, every weekend I smoked 300 slabs of ribs!!

Anonymous said...

I lived in KC for a while. I still have my Arthur Bryants Meat-Bong. Sure beat Sensamillia. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

People with addictions do almost unbelievable things. I was at a big beer bash in somebody's house while I was in college. I went to the john to make room for more beer, when a guy burst in with a panicky look, saying "The keg is dry - gotta have something to drink", and proceed to root through the cabinets. He found a bottle of hair tonic and drank it right down.
I once rented a little cottage with a bunch of woods all around. My friend, also my landlord, came banging on my door at 5 am one morning, and as soon as I opened it, thinking "The house is on fire" or something, he brushed me aside, went to the kitchen sink, reached way up under it and pulled out a fifth of vodka he had duct taped to the bottom of the sink. As he ripped the seal off he exclaimed "I'm sick, gotta have a drink." I think he chugged about a quarter of it on the spot, then left without another word.
I later found six packs of beer stashed in the crotches of trees in the woods, dozens of them. Alcohol killed my friend before his time should have been up.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Jim ONeill said...

...and now we're legalizing pot. We ain't seen nothing yet....

Ray Mota said...

Created an Acid rave on this topic ten years ago.

Hey, we've got lots of scorpions here in Lower Kali. Maybe they would be put to best use this way.


Mexico is one of the scorpion capitols of the world ;)

Anonymous said...

They should legalize heroin, crack and meth. Hell, they should subsidize it through the Americans with Disabilities Act. In two years there will be a hell of a lot less future Dem voters. -Anymouse

titan saturnae said...

"I later found six packs of beer stashed in the crotches of trees in the woods, dozens of them."

I saw some guys stash a single can in the crotch of a stripper once...

Cheesy said...

So just how the hell do you roll a scorpion?

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez;

Just like Stu Tarlowe said, people have been known to smoke some weird stuff.Once, when I went fishing in the wilds of Northern Michigan, I came across some of the natives who actually smoked salmon! And, I suppose I'm as much guilty with my addiction. Here in the wilds of Central Ohio, just a few days ago, I actually smoked a pork loin and a beef brisket. Even though I didn't feel the "high" until much later at the dinner table. Perhaps, I shouldn't find this article so damning and unusual.

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