Friday, May 13, 2016

Best Offer; Special Correspondents

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Weekend Movie Suggestions

When I think of Geoffrey Rush, I think of his Marquis de Sade  in Quills, or  the speech and language therapist who taught George VI to stop saying Th-th-th-th-th-ank-ank-you in Quills. Now, I will forever think of him as Virgil Oldman, the somewhat eccentric, and somewhat(+) crooked art auctioneer hired by a muy reclusive young heiress.  An engaging mystery thriller with a bundle of fine acting performances.  We did not see the truck coming! Not that truck anyway. We loved it.
NEXT (below)  Special Corresondents

It was late. I was browsing Netflix for suitable dinner movies.  Netflix was ballyhooing its Special Correspondents, so I gave it a try. An hour and a half later, not counting trips to the loo, I'd watched it all.  Mo-Sup actually came down at one point to see why I was laughing like an idiot.

Now, sometimes I find myself in a particular mood that dictates how I'll receive something.  It could be that I had such low expectations going in that I was a sucker for above average, but I don't think so.  I have new respect for Ricky Gervais as a writer-director-actor.  I know I've seen Eric Bana before, but I can't tell you where without the Google, but he's quite good here.  I gave it an instant 5 Stars, and I don't feel like recanting yet.


Arthur said...

Huh, when I think of Rush I think of the jerk TV producer snapping polaroids of his injured buttocks in Intolerable Cruelty, or the jerk Theme Park owner getting his comeuppance in House on Haunted Hill remake.

Juice said...

Geoffrey Rush is a favorite and along with Quills, Shine, and The Tailor of Panama, this movie will be watched here at Hughes Central. Netflix originals and BBC productions have become a Netflix mainstays of late. Cable TV has little to offer, well, except for Better Call Saul, Vikings, and The Grinder. If you like law enforcement shows allow me to recommend via Netflix: The Fall- with Gillian Anderson; Jack Taylor- with Iain Glen-(Jorah Mormont, GoT); and Luther- with Idris Elba (Stinger Bell, The Wire). I liked them all. Don't care for Ricky Gervais as stand up when he goes for the anti-Jesus jokes, but maybe this movie will get a try. Thanks for the tips.

USMC2841 said...

Bana came on the scene in Blackhawk Down.

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