Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day of the Vandals

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Crosses that honor deceased Henderson County veterans were damaged by a man who drove through the display.

Henderson police say Anthony Burrus vandalized 160 crosses at Henderson's Central Park. Burrus says he doesn't remember anything from that day, but he said he knows he got into a fight.

"I know that these men and women have fought for our country; they've risked their lives for me to do ignorant stuff like this," Burrus said.

He says he knows the importance of the 70 year tradition, since his father has a cross in the display. It's one of 5,000 others in the park

"I can't say I did, but I mean, from the video evidence, it looks like my car, so I guess I have to say that it was me," Burrus said. [FULL]

.At least there's some sanguinity there. Not so in Black Lice MatterVandalism Wave Strikes Confederate Memorials Around the Country.  Or  these (http://tinyurl.com/Leftist-SOB). 

The most despicable action, IMO, comes courtesy of Code Pink with this fund raising broadside (juxtaposed with their previous stance).

Senator McCarthy, call your office. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Code Pink are such cowards, getting away with raising hell as long as they know there will be no consequences for their despicable behavior, complaining about living in the best country in the world. They are worse than the Westboro Baptist mob. I'd really like to dump Code Pink, one and all, with their signs, pink clothes or none, into Mosul or Aleppo and see them coexist.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

"He a guud keed, he aina meana hurt nobody, he just feelin repressed. Not like them white bois that spray painted a water fountain and is gettin felony hate crimes charges. Nawwww." -Anymouse


Anonymous said...

As far as code punk is concerned I have to say "I support the rape and murder of ignorant CVNTS!

Did I mis spell that.................


Anonymous said...

We're gonna need a deeper National Pissatorium before it's over.

Sir H the Comet

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