Monday, May 16, 2016

Obema seeed veelt redeestribooshun hes bruooght greet juy tu its ceetizens

Sweden's Green Party?

April was the month when the Islamist scandals in the Green Party (Miljöpartiet) came one after the other. The Green Party sits in Sweden's government, along with its coalition partner, the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna). They have made themselves known as a party favoring open borders, and with a passionate love for multiculturalism. These infatuations are precisely why the party has been a perfect candidate for Islamist infiltration. Within the Green Party, even to ask the question whether Muslims view Islam as a political force has been considered rude and "Islamophobic."April 1: An Afghan man claiming to be a child was placed in an institution for youths, where he raped a 15-year-old girl.

The girl had several times reported that the man was uncomfortably intimate towards her. Even so, they were left alone one night. When the staff came back, they saw the Afghan raping the crying girl.

  • The library in Arvika surprised patrons by offering Arabic language courses. Many Swedes wondered if offering courses in Swedish to the Arabic-speaking immigrants would not be more productive. The library, however, does not offer any such service.
  • The Immigration Service released a new report on April 8, entitled "Are You Married?", which showed how its own case officers allow child marriages.
  • Swedish authorities have approved hundreds of polygamous marriages among immigrants, law professor Göran Lind revealed on April 4.
  • An asylum seeker was arrested April 23 for kicking his wife in the head, among other things. According to police, the man became angry with his wife because she was trying to learn Swedish.
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Obama: Put Nordic Countries ‘In Charge for a While’ Because ‘They Could Clean Things Up’


Freddie Sykes said...

Pippi Longstocking!

DougM said...

Yeah, Vikings! That's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Many liberals point to Scandinavia as an example of how socialism can work. Let’s examine this a bit.
 Scandinavia (the “good” socialists) has afforded cradle to grave lavishness because they have virtually no military overhead. During the cold war (and even before), the US military kept the Soviet bear (the “Bad” socialists) at bay and off their backs. So, in this sense, capitalism has been underwriting their socialistic largesse for over 75 years. During WW II Sweden provided iron ore to Hitler’s war machine while declaring themselves neutral. Maybe they weren’t such “good” socialists, huh?
 In order for the Scandinavians to afford their future “good” socialism costs, their families have to average at least 2.1 children. This isn’t happening in any of their countries. To that end they are importing thousands of Muslims who procreate at very high rates, and they bring with them crime and the other baggage that comes with their religion. Scandinavian (and German) women are told to not dress the way they used to in order to cut down on the massive number of rapes they are experiencing.
 Any way one looks at this, the Scandinavian “good” socialism is coming to an ignominious end. US liberals who think “good” socialism exists over there are either ignorant or just fooling themselves.
 Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried. Check out Cuba and Venezuela for further affirmation. Puerto Rico isn’t far behind.
 Americans who are on the Bernie bandwagon have to be the most gullible group in the USA. Let’s hope that they grow up and see reality. There is no “good” socialism, just like there is no free lunch. Someone else is paying for it, always.

Cheesy said...

So is that his way of admitting it takes white people to lead the country?
No, no that can't be it....-

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