Monday, May 16, 2016

It never ends with those three

Clintons got 100 Mil From Persian Gulf Sheiks

Remember the Millions of unaccounted for Obama campign donations-that nobody cared to track down? Just saying.
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Anonymous said...

"How much is for sale at that price?"

All 57 States. They'd be happy to throw in the Virgin Islands, too, but unfortunately Billy's been down there recently, and they haven't decided on a politically correct name change yet.

Sir H the Comet

toadold said...

Hillary in translation: Ho boy! Look at the boobs on that one. Sell me your women. How much for the little girl.

Burqarack In translation: Ho boy! Look at the ass on that kid. Sell me your boys, how much for that pre-teen there.

Tudor Turtle said...

After Bill Clinten "stumped' for Hillary in the Virgin Islands, do the islands need to be renamed?

Esteve said...

And don't forget that Hillary's conjoined twin, Mrs. Weiner, has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood through her parents.

Cheesy said...

Were they contributions made willingly, or was it a sheikdown?

Anonymous said...

But will she stay bought? I wouldn't front her a penny.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully (Mrs.) Weiner will spout off on all the Democrats in her upcoming hearing.

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