Friday, June 03, 2016

23 Blast

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23 Blast

Travis Freeman, a local football star, is an average high school junior. Living in the town of Corbin, Kentucky, his inner circle includes his supporting parents, girlfriend, and childhood best friend, Jerry Baker.

 Life is normal for Travis until one day he is stricken with a series of severe headaches and a bacterial meningitis infection. After being rushed to the hospital, Travis undergoes surgery to remove the infection and save his life. He comes out of the procedure alive, but he is now blind.

After losing his sight, Travis experiences depression as he adjusts to life without sight. When forced to abandon football, Travis’ shallow, cheerleader girlfriend quits on him, and he faces the decision of having to attend the school for the blind away from home.

With the help of his parents, best friend, Jerry, another childhood friend, Ashley, and his mobility coach, Travis pulls through and is able to adapt to his new disability and starts his senior year at Corbin High School. Every day after school, Travis attends football practice, but watches, with help from his friend, Ashley, from the sidelines. His coach and mentor, Coach Farris, approaches him one day about joining the team again.

23 Blast is a movie rare as hen's teeth.  It's rated "G."  It's a true story. It's motivating, uplifting; and it's not a cartoon. Rotten Tomatoes gave it two stars. Fkm. We watched it on Netflix. Mo Sup (Mother Superior)  looked up what happened to Jerry Baker on Wikipedia.

Lights out: The story that inspired the film '23 Blast'

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