Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Isadore "Chilidog" Pike said...

There is help. Call Snivelers Anonymous now! Dial 800-WA WA WAA.
Step 1. We admitted we are powerless over our emotions and we make those around us miserable.
Step 2. Made a decision to turn our lives over to common sense and critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

We're reminded of "As Good As It Gets" (which was on TV just the other night), and one of our favorite lines, where Jack Nicholson's character was asked how he managed to write in a woman's voice, and he said, "I think like a man, and then take away reason and accountability."

By the way, our very favorite quote from the movie was expurgated for this TV showing -- the word "fudgepacker" was deleted. I guess they didn't want to offend all the fudgepackers, especially during "Gay Pride Week".

Never, never, interrupt me, okay? Not if there's a fire, not even if you hear the sound of a thud from my home and one week later there's a smell coming from there that can only be a decaying human body and you have to hold a hanky to your face because the stench is so thick that you think you're going to faint. Even then, don't come knocking. Or, if it's election night, and you're excited and you wanna celebrate because some fudgepacker that you date has been elected the first queer president of the United States and he's going to have you down to Camp David, and you want someone to share the moment with. Even then, don't knock. Not on this door. Not for ANY reason. Do you get me, sweetheart?

The movie was made in 1997, more than a decade before we actually got the "the first queer president of the United States"!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Sonoboy said...

Interesting. I DVRed that last week and had not yet watched it. So I cued it this morning and watched with the closed captions turned ON.

It seems they bleeped the verbal word 'fudgepacker' from the sound track. They didn't even bother to edit in a different word, or even a sound. But they CHANGED the captioned text to 'homosexual'.

This, from the same leftists that changed "ALLAH" to "GOD" in the Orlando aftermath.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

re: "fudgepacker." MFCSSONMFLSH!

Anonymous said...

Women have more opportunities, more liberties, more freedom, and more power in this country than any women in in the rest of the world or in all of human history and they complain they are short-changed, silenced victims of a patriarchy? The only way to get more equal is testosterone injections from birth.

Anonymous said...

Qu'est-ce que MFCSSONMFLSH ça veut dire, s'il vous plaît?

Caballero Andante

Sonoboy said...

Yeah, Rodger, There's a couple of acronyms in there that I couldn't de-cifer...But your meaning is spot on...

Anonymous said...

You want something to cry about missy?
I'll give you something to cry about!


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