Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deconstructing the Lie of TWA 800


[SNIP] From the outset, Mr. Cashill expertly destroys the myth that a cover-up and conspiracy involving TWA Flight 800 to prevent the truth from being known would take too many people to accomplish. It’s a common and legitimate argument, yet one that Mr. Cashill painstakingly and adeptly rebuts by describing how the magnitude of the TWA 800 deception actually helped protect it.

He describes how the investigation was ultimately directed by the highest people within our own government and how the flow of information was expertly controlled through the careful placement and discreet handling of agency heads. In this and other common conspiracies, it’s all about controlling the gatekeepers of the information.

There were nearly 700 eyewitnesses to what happened to TWA Flight 800 on that fateful night. Of those witnesses, 258 people saw an object ascending from the horizon to the aircraft, leaving a signature contrail in its wake. Another dozen additional witnesses saw what could be described as a missile strike and the passenger aircraft breaking up and falling into the Atlantic in about 120 feet of water.
Specific to the cover-up and conspiracy involving TWA 800, it should surprise no one that all roads lead directly the Clinton White House and Clinton-era newsrooms. This is a situation that has continued inside and outside of the beltway and one that has been reinvigorated and reinforced for the upcoming 2016 election.

The astute reader and honest investigative journalist will be able to see the emergence of a familiar strategy of information containment and political damage control orchestrated by the “Clinton cabal,” past and present. In this and numerous other situations potentially damaging to the political aspirations and ambitions of these serial liars and their abettors, their behavioral profile becomes clear. Tactics employed on the night of July 17, 1996, did not begin then, but much earlier. Nor have they stopped, but continue today.

Having a compliant infrastructure already in place and a captured media ready to direct an already fatigued public away from the truth, including a certain few ‘investigative journalists’ to give the false appearance of honesty, inconvenient truths can be more easily contained and managed. Under the pretext of exposing scandalous activity, the public’s attention can be diverted away from far more serious criminal actions. It’s an effective strategy used by the media, and a comfortably profitable enterprise for certain journalists and pundits willing to compromise truth for the warm glow of the spotlight, however fleeting. To them, the lives of the victims be damned, along with the truth.

Additionally, and even more telling, the footage captured the activities of a FBI agent trying to flatten out a piece of metal with a hammer. Shaping the narrative, perhaps literally.
In all such instances, it is obvious that the objective was to remove or change the evidence to better fit the official account of the Clinton White House.
Then there are the career politicians and agency heads placed in certain key political, intelligence and even military positions. Their tactics of containing the truth and misdirecting the public becomes even easier, especially if convinced that perpetuating a lie is not merely a matter of loyalty, but an issue of national security. Ending the careers of those who see through the charade or who are unwilling to assist becomes blood sport, while those who agree to play are handsomely rewarded. 

If this operational strategy sounds familiar, it should. We have seen Hillary Clinton use the same tactics in her position as Secretary of State as she dealt with the loss of life in Benghazi and her continually troublesome e-mails. Previously, it was Whitewater, the strange death of Vince Foster, Travelgate, et al. Again, the operational strategy is from the same playbook, the same set of plays, and in some cases, the same players today, some twenty years after TWA 800. [FULL REPORT]
Author Tom Clancy once stated that there are no government conspiracy theories that hold water  because somebody will always talk.   What he didn't say was that even when people do talk, and they do, government will simply lie, obfuscate, and build a bodyguard of lies.  Doesn't matter what your lying eyes saw, you were wrong.  Eyewitness accounts and evidence from JFK's assassination, Vince Fosters "suicide, the Oklahoma bombing, almost all things Clinton, and Obama's origin and sordid life story were all vacuumed, spray painted and manipulated by government.  Nobody with a brain could buy into the government's accout of TWA 800.  Clue. How many times have official accounts and video reconstruction of a plane crash been tasked to the CIA?  


Stu Tarlowe said...

I was in NYC the night the plane went down. I remember hearing the live interviews with people on boats on Long Island Sound; their accounts of seeing what they perceived as a missile sounded very credible.

Also, I know Jack Cashill, and he's a very thorough researcher and writer. Remember, Jack is the one who, through literary forensics, all but proved that "Dreams From My Father" was written by Bill Ayers.

Anonymous said...

A decade or so ago, I knew an A&P/IA (big credentials FAA type) who was one of the most skilled metallurgist in N. America. He did lots of expert testimonial work. He did work for the defense industry in regards to aircraft damage on drone test beds that had been destroyed in air. He told me he spent a week in the hangar with TWA 800, the plane had been reassembled on a huge jig, he did microscopic analysis of the tears in the metal. He said he saw no sign of missile impact, the seams tore on expansion. Bomb or fuel tank. But no bomb residue.

Most if not all of the bodies of the passengers were recovered and autopsied. This metal tube was basically filled with ballistic gel. The effects of a missile would have been evident among the bodies. -Anymouse

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Did you read the article anyone?

Tom Smith said...

I am better with picture stories but it was worth a read. I have a conspiracy friend that I have routinely giggled at over the years that has me looking for a second time at some of these events.

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes, ya got me Rog, I thought you had reprinted this from AmThinker yesterday.

I haven't been so embarrassed since I told Kim du Toit the .223 was an acceptable elk round. The AmThink article is funny because he talks about the mechanical knowledge of Marine Phantom pilots. I sent it to all my Phantom Phixer buds. We laughed...-Anymouse

Stu Tarlowe said...

Why would you think we didn't read it?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Because anons(11:20) argument is obviated by videos showing FBI agents destroying and altering the physical evidence in the hanger..

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