Wednesday, June 01, 2016






The "Never Trump" movement died Tuesday night.

That's when the loose affiliation of Republican pundits and conservative thinkers, banded together by their shared distaste for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, leaked the news to Bloomberg Politics that conservative lawyer David French was the secret third-party candidate they have been working to recruit into the 2016 race as an alternative to the real estate mogul.

The news of French ended days of frantic speculation set off by a tweet — yes, this is the world we now live in — by Weekly Standard editor and "Never Trump" leader Bill Kristol.

And, it confirmed what many — including me — had long suspected: The "Never Trump" movement is totally out of options.

When that Bill Kristol Tweet started bouncing off the walls last week, my first thought was "More K-Street hooliganry!"   My second; "Who can he have convinced that has enough flash to trump Trump? 

David French? "

Don't get me wrong: French, judging from his résumé, is an impressive guy. Decorated military man, conservative thinker and writer for National Review and so on and so forth. And, heck, Mitt Romney likes him!

Along with other Tea Party folk, I fired Kristol and his neocon, K-Street buddies when they fought to save Speaker Boner's ass.  This silliness, with luck, will finally  SThemTFU. 


Anonymous said...

Bill Kristol??, the guy that's been on talking head programs the last 20 years assuring us not worry about Iran because his sources tell him it's going to fall from the inside, then gives his all knowing smirk to prove how smart he is. What an ass.

Bad Anon

Anonymous said...

Billy boy, as delusional as ever, maybe more.

If you ever mant to increase your percentages in acuarcy,
wait for Kristol to stake out a position, then go with the
opposite view. Guaranteed winner!


Anonymous said...


An instant CLASSIC!!!

Dan said...

OOoooohhhh. Lawyer in a combat zone.

Sorry, but a Bronze Star Medal (without V) for a JAG Major is no great achievement.

Esteve said...

Geo, If Kristol and Rove agree, double your bet.

Skoonj said...

I loved Billy Kristol in City Slickers, but he hasn't done much since.

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