Thursday, June 09, 2016

Tweet Wars

This is Going to be Epic Fun


Sonoboy said...

Actually, the better treatment, as we all know, is to "put some ice on that".

Juice said...

One good thing about social media is that it exposes what the press hides. Also good at fb today at Sean Hannity's question of the day:

What Clinton controversy should Donald Trump focus on most in his speech on Moday?

Best answer so far:

Randy Part - Trump should do an alphabet A-Z, one speech a day on Clinton scandals. A-Airplane trips by Slick to Pedophile Island. B-Benghazi. C-Clinton Foundation money laundering. D-Dead bodies in Arkansas. E-Emails. G-graft. H-Hillary's enabling of Bill's rapes. Trump can go on for a month.
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The replies carried the concept from there. Great stuff.

toadold said...

" Rum , Sodomy, and the Lash ! "
What another expose book about Hillary ?

Roy Lofquist said...

Of course Obama wants Hillary to win. Who knows what might happen if the Republicans control the Department of Justice.

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