Monday, June 20, 2016

When Trump gets to look in Obama's sock drawer


President Obama's final year in office — which was expected to be a time when he would give symbolic speeches and try to cut a few deals with Republicans — is turning into an all-out campaign to stop Donald Trump from succeeding him.

In recent public remarks, including his endorsement of Hillary Clinton even before the Democratic primaries were finished, Obama has inserted himself more directly into the campaign than previous second-term presidents.

He is effectively turning the election into "Obama-Clinton v. Trump," instead of a traditional contest between the two people with their names on the ballot.

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"This is the biggest intervention that I can remember for some time now," said Julian Zelizer, a political historian at Princeton University, comparing Obama to past second-term presidents. "Not only is he really coming out for the Democratic candidate, but acting in extremely aggressive fashion against the Republican nominee." [Meet the Press]
Here is an instance where the question contains the answer.


Sonoboy said...

As Rush would say, Trump lives rent-free in Barry's mind. I'm lovin it.

Anonymous said...

Rush also says, "The Left will show you what they really fear."

Anonymous said...

Duh. Obama is not campaigning against Trump, he's campaigning for a Supreme Court appointment.

Cheesy said...

It could just be he fears indictment from Trump, not from hildabeast.

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