Thursday, June 02, 2016

Will Wheaton and Friends

‘Star Trek’ actor eviscerated after equating NRA with UCLA shooting

Shortly after reports of a shooting — later identified as a likely murder-suicide — resulted in a campus lock down at the University of California at Los Angeles, one actor opted to post a pithy indictment of the National Rifle Association to his Twitter page.
“F— the NRA,” Wil Wheaton, known for his roles in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “The Big Bang Theory,” wrote on Wednesday.
While his profane comment earned some praise from his anti-gun fans and followers, outraged Second Amendment supporters almost immediately peppered his feed with opposing thoughts and invective.
“California has almost every gun law liberals ask for,” one critic wrote.
“So when there is a shooting, who do liberals blame? The NRA, of course


Anonymous said...

It's funny when people call him "Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton." He is widely hated and known as having played the worst dog s*** character, and playing it badly, to boot. Probably letting my nerd show a bit too much here, but I have friends who have worked security at conventions and theaters for these sorts of events (Seattle, LA and San Diego), they have all told me, unequivocally, he is a smarmy, rude, loudmouth and self important dickhead. Pretty much everything he has ever said in public has done nothing to make me doubt their accounts.


pdwalker said...

What Josh said. Other than that, he's a wonderful human being.

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