Sunday, July 24, 2016

5 minute butter


5 minute butter

A few weeks ago I discussed "MAKE BUTTER; SAVE $."  Yesterday was time to restock.  I poured a quart of heavy cream into my Cuisinart and pressed go.  While the machine was whirring away me and Mosup watched the bird activity on our various feeders.  A glance at the machine 5 minutes later showed nothing was moving, so I stopped it and voila!  Done.  However, when I plopped it all into a bowl it hit me. Where's the butter milk?  I dipped a pinky into the creamtasted like very sweet butter, so what the hell.  I filled two storage containers and put them in the Fridge. 

But wait!  Why wasn't there any butter milk?  Horry Clap! Did I just make whip cream?  To test it, I made a grilled cheese sammich using the new butter on the rye bread.  Worked fine.  Still, I went back to my original post and this popped out: " .... and in about 18-20 minutes I had a big ball of butter. "  I was done in 5 minutes, so yes, I did make whipped cream (minus the sugar). This morning I buttered MoSup's bagel with it and she said it tasted properly delicious.

I think the difference in this 5 minute butter is that it's unsuitable for baking; won't help in rising.  Don't care.  We'll use this butter for slather, and store bought for baking.  There is also the posibilty that this quick butter will just melt in a few days, and I'll have to try and salvage it with another go in the Cuisenart.

But here's a disconcerting reality.  While there are just 51 calories in a TBS of heavy cream, there are prolly (if I made them) 4 TBS (+ sugar) heaped atop these cupcakes. And nobody would give it a mind. But what if I gave you this dessert with almost a half-stick of raw butter on top? Same thing. Would I think twice?  You bet.

Being a food scientist has ups and downs; joys and disappointments.  Your welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I made my first batch last week. I used the giant whisk on my Kitchenaid. 3+cups of butter and a pint or so of buttermilk. Tanx again your highness!

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