Thursday, July 07, 2016

Chis Evans' Clarkson's Replacement

June 2015: Evans announced as Clarkson replacement

Chris Evans is confirmed as the new host of Top Gear after Jeremy Clarkson is sacked for punching a colleague. Evans signs a three-year deal – but ultimately managed only six episode

April 27, 2016: Heat Street sounds the alarm

Heat Street, which launched just a few days earlier, raises the first warning signs about Evans’s past, revealing that a former colleague was planning to speak out about his alleged habit of exposing his penis to women at work.

May 7: Alleged victim speaks out

Just days later, the former colleague of Evans who had previously mentioned his alleged bad behaviour agrees to tell her story in full.

May 23: Complaint made to police

An allegation of sexual assault dating back to the 1990s was made to the Metropolitan Police on May 23rd – though it only became public today.

May 29: First episode of Top Gear airs, promptly flops

The first episode of the new series aired, pulling in disappointing viewing figures. The ratings would continue to slide all season, drawing in fewer than 2 million people with the July 3 finale.

July 4: Investigation confirmed, Evans quits

I always thought Chris Evans was a wanker. I miss (the real) Top Gear. Here's the full poop.


Anonymous said...

I hear Amazon is resurrecting the show with all three original guys.

Leonard Jones said...

Clarkson became my hero when I read that he popped that Limey
Poofter Piers Morgan right in his cock-holster!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Amazon is resurrecting the show, but the BBC holds copyrights on "stig," and a whole mess of other things like the " reasonably priced car and array of celebrities to take it out on the track." Also, much as I miss it, I think they'd just about run out of gas and become a parody of themselves. I'd feel a lot better if Netflix was involved; they are masters at turning out fresh product.

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