Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Overthrowing the Government

Really sinking in now.  How monumental in our nation's history.  By letting Hillary Clinton walk, despite mountains of evidence, about mountains of illicit acts, the Obama administration have served us.  This in-your-face declaration, that they will do what they want when they want it, and are willing to take on any consequences is, in effect, the overthrow of the United States government. The Reichstag's burning.


Sonoboy said...

Cankles cackled at the announcement.
They wanted to charge but they didn't.
She's above the fray
due to legal decay.
And she prepares for an eight year stint.

Anonymous said...

She will look good in a white wig, on her way to the cleaver. Hey, who want's cake? -Anymouse

Sonoboy said...

If memory serves (and these days it seems like a wish more than a recitation of facts), such was the disdain of the the people against Robespierre during the French Revolution, when they placed him in the gilliotine, it was FACE UP, so that he could see the approaching blade. Why I mention this now, I'll let you guess.

Esteve said...

Comey's best line, (I paraphrase) "We won't charge Hillary for her crimes but don't you common folk try the same thing."

Anonymous said...

Ok, this "might" not be as bad as you may think. Of course she SHOULD be in jail but, ol jugears would pardon her ass and she keeps on lying and may even win. NOW, the real truth is out (would have been covered up) and out now before the election. With Comey telling the rabble that she was "extremely careless" should be - yeah I know - the last nail in her coffin. Don't crucify him - he did the thing that made her look bad without his head on the Clintoon chopping block.


Anonymous said...

I believe she's really in poor health, and will not make eight years, should she be twice elected.


Anonymous said...

All this hot air about the FBI directors incredible integrity and how he'll step down if she's not indited. He's been in with the Clintoons for decades. People just don't grasp how far ahead of you they play chess. The hedgers nail it here. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Intent is key and the Clintons know it. Intent is notoriously difficult to prove, and is the reason that few people who have a good lawyer go to jail for income tax evasion. Gross negligence is apparently not used (although technically illegal) when dealing with classified information. The only ones who prosecute for gross negligence without intent are regulatory agencies like the FDA, and some state laws like negligent homicide. There was evidence that Petraeus had intent and so he was convicted. The Clintons are much better than he was at gaming the system. It seems that the only way to catch her is if she made any of her lies under oath, or if someone flips on her and reveals proof of her intent to evade the rules.

RavingDave said...

Doesn't this prove intent? (Link to email from Hillary telling staff to strip of identifying markers and send unsecure.)

Anonymous said...

Raving Dave - Needs to be intent to distribute classified info. That only shows she knew she was breaking State Dept. rules, but she doesn't work there anymore. There isn't intent even if she was hacked.

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