Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Girls 'n Grenades

Throws Like a Girl

Stu Tarlowe <>
What possibly could go wrong with women in Marine/Army infantry combat?


A hand grenade goes off in 3.5 seconds.        

 Ever hear the saying "throws like a girl"?

In the (new) Marine Corps (with women in combat),   this is what it looks like ... filmed on location, for your terror, at USMC Camp Pendleton, CA.


Stu Tarlowe said...

DISCLAIMER: I didn't generate that post; I merely Forwarded it. And I included the comment "I'm sure this is not an indictment of ALL women Marines."

jlw said...

note the Chinese writing in the lower left?

"Recently, a female soldier in Yunnan Mengzi Military organizations grenade training, a female throwing inadvertently disposed of, surveillance video captured the breathtaking scene."*

we have at least another week before it's true of OUR military.

*from the YouTube posting

cato said...

In 1969, Camp Pendleton, Infantry Training Regiment, USMC.
A Marine from my regiment was on the hand grenade range, pulled the pin, froze and held the grenade to his chest. Both he and the Marine Instructor were killed. The instructor had recently returned from Vietnam, had received the Purple heart and endured 12 months of combat duty.

Chris in NC said...

If this was America, she'd sue for being thrown in the pit.

Anonymous said...

Army basic circa 1971. Grenade training scared the crap outta me. Luckily I never had to throw one in combat.


Arthur said...

@ Chris in NC

Certainly non-consensual touching. Pretty much just plain rape. Her 'saviors' really should have filled out 30 forms in triplicate with JAs on standby before ever laying a finger on her.

Anonymous said...

We all had to throw dummy grenades before going to the live ones. Sidearmers and anyone who threw like a girl were not allowed to go to the live range. At the throwing position, which was about 10 ft wide, there was a heavy, ~waist high creosoted timber wall in the shape of |__|. Inside the C was a deep, steep sloped concrete pit, with a 3" or 4" pipe connecting the side legs of the C. The pit was a grenade sump for a weak toss or dropped grenade, and the bar was for the instructor to slam a trainee's arm on to make a frozen trainee drop the grenade in the sump. The instructors there were very intense. The vid shows why. The high timber wall behind the pits that shielded the waiting trainees had so many tiny grenade fragments embedded in it, looked like a rasp.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the story back in the 70s. The Russians developed a nuclear hand grenade that made a 200 meter crater. But none of their soldiers could throw beyond 70 meters.

poletax said...

These really,really work when the fish ain't biting.

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