Wednesday, July 13, 2016




I find myself at loggerheads with the behemoth Google empire, specifically Blogger and YouTube.  Evidently there's a new protocol called HTTPS that my KompoZer editor (which I've used for 25 years)  doesn't comply with. And never will, because KompoZer's defunct.  So far I've been able to work around it by choosing the "Dismiss" option every time I post something, but I'm on borrowed time.  If I choose the "Fix" option, everything is torn to shreads.  Gettingt rollovers to work takes all sort of finagling.  I know that there will be a dozen explanations and getarounds offered, but at this point in my life I'm done with jumping over pigs.  This is not a notice; only an explanation for my impending doom, at least with this blogger version ( which format Google havn't supported for years). For no particular reason,  the late Acidman's  post where he just went stark naked comes to mind.  I think I know how he felt.


FishStyx said...

Was just thinking about Rob yesterday.
I miss him.
His site is still up In Memorium.
If y'all aren't familiar with the man, give his site a try.
Even 10 years on, it and he stiil rings true.
(Hard to believe he's been gone that long.)

MAX Redline said...

I used to use Blogger, but gave up on them around 7-8 years ago. Google just got to be too much to deal with.

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