Monday, July 25, 2016

Koch Spritz

Election 2016

The Koch brothers speak with their words, which can’t be trusted, but they also speak with their money, their investments, which are always honest expressions of their actual beliefs and desires. This time, the Kochs spoke with their money, just a day after that Senator spoke with his words. [....]

Unlike John Kasich, who had refused even to attend the Convention at all, or Ted Cruz, who did attend but refused to say anything at all in favor of Trump, Johnson was now actually campaigning for Trump against Hillary.

The next day, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel bannered "Koch brothers pull ad buy backing Ron Johnson”, and reported that, "A day after U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin spoke at the Republican National Convention, a group affiliated with the conservative Koch brothers pulled more than $2 million in ad time in the Badger State.”

The Rove-led billionaires’ faction are also strongly inclined to prefer Hillary, but can’t afford to alienate the Republican electorate, and so they will continue to support other Republicans but not Trump. (Consequently, Ron Johnson, for example, still can get their money.)
In other words: immediately after one of their owned Senators campaigned for Trump, they cut off his main monetary lifeline.

This is a warning to any other Republican who might still be considering to campaign for Trump; it says, loud and clear: If you do that, you lose us.

The Koch-led contingent of Republican billionaires and centi-millionaires is one of two Republican financial-backer contingents. The other is led by Karl Rove.


“(On Thursday, a spokesman for the Koch-funded political arm Freedom Partners sought to clarify their position, indicating it was unlikely the Kochs would support Clinton. Her “big-government” policies, the spokesman said, were out-of-step with their goals. (Politico)

So, the Koch Bros hate Trump.  Yesterday Trump said he "Will Fund Revenge PACs To Destroy Cruz, Kasich."  It  appears then that what we have here are  battles of titans playing Monopoly; a gaggle of politicians protecting their sinecures; and media protecting their future influence with allied MOC.  Fkm.


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