Monday, July 25, 2016


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Media Job #1
Protect Hillary from #DNCLeak fallout

The Wikileaks release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails threatens to set the Democratic National Convention on fire this week.

Whether the leaks prove the election was fixed is one thing; that it is perceived that way is beyond doubt. Already Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned as DNC Chair.

Not enough.

Bernie supporters are furious, and are demanding he withdraw his endorsement of Hillary. That’s highly unlikely to happen, which will shut close a possible relief valve.

The left wing of the left wing of the Democratic Party is ready to bust a gasket, and go full #NeverHillary and mean it. It will only take a few percent of Democrats to stay home or run to Green Party candidate Jill Stein for Hillary to be damaged in the general election.

The media cannot let that happen. So expect several narratives to permeate the convention coverage.

The first and easiest narrative of the DNC leak will be that Hillary had nothing to do with the anti-Bernie shenanigans, she didn’t know about it, and she can’t be blamed. But that will not be enough.

So the media will have to portray Hillary as the real victim of the DNC leak, just like she’s the victim of her home server scandal and every other scandal that has tainted her career.  “Hillary as victim” is a time tested remedy which has worked so many times in the past. [FULL In-sur-rec-tion]

In other words, buisness as _ _ _ _ _ . 


Anonymous said...

and they also brag on her computer savvy...

Anonymous said...

According to the dnc spokespeeps, the Russians hacked their system and stole the emails for the benefit of Donald Trump.

They aren't disavowing the content of the emails.

The Russians got into the dnc servers, but Hillary's up in Chappaqua that had National Security secrets on it along with her portable devices, they never touched according to James Comey.

Hillary on 60 Minutes: There are different standards a Hillary standard and all the others.......

I agree with Hillary for once in my life.
It's called the "Hillary get out of Jail Free card".


rickn8or said...

Geo, you know foreign intelligence services coordinated their schedules working that Chappaqua server like a rented mule.

Putin's not saying anything about what was garnered off that server because if H->illary! wins, it will be like money in the bank to him.

Anonymous said...

Putin got Hildabeasts DNC password from her server.

Sonoboy said...

Ya wanna real 'EEEWWWW' moment? That photo above is of a fart bubble whilst the Hildebeest takes a MUD BATH.

Juice said...

Although I like sonoboy's comment, I wish that were quick sand and not a mud bath.

Sonoboy said...

Juice, that changes the scenario COMPLETELY!


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