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            Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Concealed carrier takes down
shooter at South Carolina nightclub
Thank the Lord it wasn't Maryland 'cause we all be kilt.

A South Carolina man is facing multiple attempted murder charges after he opened fire on a crowd gathering outside a nightclub early Sunday, police said.

Deputies with Spartanburg County said 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson pulled out an illegally carried firearm during an argument with another man and fired several rounds toward a crowd outside Playoffz nightclub in Lyman, a local NBC News affiliate reported.
His rounds struck 3 victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo said.

Lt. Bobo said the man who shot Mr. Thompson, who has not been identified, has a valid concealed weapons permit and will not face any charges.

None of the victims’ injuries were life-threatening, police said.

Mr. Thompson was charged with four counts of attempted [Full]

Res ipsa loquitur


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Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
Does S. Carolina (a state of which I'm very fond) permit licensed concealed carry in a drinking establishment?

I'm glad there was "good guy with a gun" there, but the take-away for me from this story is that it's just one more reason to stay away from nightclubs.
Addendum: My point was that, if S. Carolina does permit licensed c.c. in a drinking establishment (as the sign would seem to indicate), it's among very few states that do.
Personally, I don't drink. But if I did, just like "If you drink, don't drive", I think "If you drink (in public), don't carry" is a good rule to follow.
Stu, the pic I used was not necessesarily frm S.C. SInce the shooting was in a drinking stablisment I guess the law says OKAY, else the hero would have been cuffed.

At first I thought that was Buffalo Wild Wings, where each store has a no guns sign. I would not eat there for free if I was starving.-Anymouse
Do they have a "No Guns" sign at Hooters? Every waitress there has a pair of 38's, or better!
Stu, a bill signed into law by Governor Haley allows concealed carry by valid permit holders in drinking establishments (presuming the property owner hasn't posted a "no firearms" sign) in South Carolina. It also forbids the CC'er from consuming alcoholic beverages.
So, I guess that means that in SC you can sit at the bar, sip a Shirley Temple, a Virgin Mary or a Wild Strawberry Diet Yoo-hoo and be strapped and ready for anything. Or, you could just stay home.
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