Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Packer shoots bad guy

Concealed carrier takes down
shooter at South Carolina nightclub
Thank the Lord it wasn't Maryland 'cause we all be kilt.

A South Carolina man is facing multiple attempted murder charges after he opened fire on a crowd gathering outside a nightclub early Sunday, police said.

Deputies with Spartanburg County said 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson pulled out an illegally carried firearm during an argument with another man and fired several rounds toward a crowd outside Playoffz nightclub in Lyman, a local NBC News affiliate reported.
His rounds struck 3 victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo said.

Lt. Bobo said the man who shot Mr. Thompson, who has not been identified, has a valid concealed weapons permit and will not face any charges.

None of the victims’ injuries were life-threatening, police said.

Mr. Thompson was charged with four counts of attempted [Full]

Res ipsa loquitur


Stu Tarlowe said...

Does S. Carolina (a state of which I'm very fond) permit licensed concealed carry in a drinking establishment?

I'm glad there was "good guy with a gun" there, but the take-away for me from this story is that it's just one more reason to stay away from nightclubs.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Addendum: My point was that, if S. Carolina does permit licensed c.c. in a drinking establishment (as the sign would seem to indicate), it's among very few states that do.
Personally, I don't drink. But if I did, just like "If you drink, don't drive", I think "If you drink (in public), don't carry" is a good rule to follow.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Stu, the pic I used was not necessesarily frm S.C. SInce the shooting was in a drinking stablisment I guess the law says OKAY, else the hero would have been cuffed.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought that was Buffalo Wild Wings, where each store has a no guns sign. I would not eat there for free if I was starving.-Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Do they have a "No Guns" sign at Hooters? Every waitress there has a pair of 38's, or better!

Anonymous said...

Stu, a bill signed into law by Governor Haley allows concealed carry by valid permit holders in drinking establishments (presuming the property owner hasn't posted a "no firearms" sign) in South Carolina. It also forbids the CC'er from consuming alcoholic beverages.

Stu Tarlowe said...

So, I guess that means that in SC you can sit at the bar, sip a Shirley Temple, a Virgin Mary or a Wild Strawberry Diet Yoo-hoo and be strapped and ready for anything. Or, you could just stay home.

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