Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Accidentally" Shredded U.S. Healthcare

5. "and remain uninsured." President Obama could have said from the start that the law's only real goal was to cover people who didn't have health insurance. He could have admitted that doing this would create more chaos, higher costs and worse care for American families.
Hillary Clinton is telling voters she wants "to build on" Obamacare. But President Obama's signature healthcare law remains highly unpopular because many Americans believe it's not a good deal for them personally.

The president essentially laid out a case for his own law's failures in an article he wrote for the Journal of the American Medical Association.

He wrote: "too many Americans still strain to pay for their physician visits and prescriptions, cover their deductibles, or pay their monthly insurance bills; struggle to navigate a complex, sometimes bewildering system; and remain uninsured."

[The full confession]

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Leonard Jones said...

The image caused my neurons to fire. There was a column
by Mark Steyn a few years back in which he explained the
problems with the Canadian health care system. One of
cases he cited was that one province had a grand total of
one MRI machine. This got me to thinking the Los Angeles
basin probably has more MRI's than exist in all of Canada if
medical devices were rationed that badly.

But the image reminded me of his story about a
woman pregnant with twins and it was a problem
pregnancy. When it was discovered that there was not
one single maternity ward bed available in the entire
province, she was flown by private plane to some small
in Montana or another Northern state.

The punch line was "Behold the ultimate redactio of
socialized medicine, a 10 month wait for a maternity
ward appointment."

Helly said...

Steyn often cited Vermont as a destination for Canadian medical tourism. Which is odd, since we always travelled outside of Vermont for any serious surgery.

The VT single-payer insurance scam would have stopped us from getting out-of-state coverage, so we live in Florida now. No income tax and we seem to be healthier too.

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