Saturday, August 20, 2016

Douchbags Suck

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

Ferorelli, 33, and Kallman, 32, are both in committed relationships, and in the throes of this problem. Ferorelli recently helped her widowed mother pack up her house, saving cherished items with the unspoken assumption that they are for a next generation.

And yet, when she imagines raising a child, Ferorelli says she can't help but envision the nightmare scenarios that have dogged her since she first heard the term "global warming" in elementary school.

"Knowing that I gave that future to somebody is something that just doesn't sit very well," she says.

At the New Hampshire meeting, 67-year-old Nancy Nolan tells two younger women that people didn't know about climate change in the 1980s when she had her kids. Once her children were grown, "I said to them, 'I hope you never have children,' which is an awful thing to say," Nolan says, her voice wavering. "It can bring me to tears easily."

She adds that of course people are driven to procreate, and you can't really tell them not to.

One woman looks a little stunned. She's not a climate activist — just tagged along with a friend — and says she had no idea that deciding not to have kids because of the climate was even a thing.

These aren't the first would-be parents to ask whether it's fair to bring a child into the world. U.S. birth rates plummeted during the Great Depression. Many also must have thought twice amid warnings of overpopulation in the 1960s and '70s, and under the threat of nuclear holocaust. [NPR BABBLE CONT]
Per usual, what's particularly galling is this pap is being distributed using public funds.  See Mr. Watt's rebuttal: Climate Philosopher Demands a Tax on Children.  Wait.  The very fact that you would consider reading actual climate science means there is no way in hell that you pay attention to the cloistered mind rants of the NPR set to begin with.  Yikes.  It seems I have unintentionally subjected you to climate porn.  Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the 'human weeds' of Margaret Sanger lore, are breeding in huge numbers. I'm starting to think an education is near child abuse.

Helly said...

Some questions lose meaning by being too narrowly defined. Scientists tell us anyone obsessing about Climate Change should avoid pregnancy, operating vehicles and heavy equipment, and talking. It's for their own good.

Anonymous said...

And the mooselimbs, who have a 3 child per family average, thank these liberals for their efforts to bring back the dark ages. -Anymouse

Esteve said...

This is exactly why liberals want, nay, need illegals. Liberals don't reproduce but need voters and servants for the future.

Brian E. said...

It's a shame that it appears that refusing to procreate isn't enough to make the volume of Climate Change believers 'self limiting'. I'm thinking it's because the current public education system is still more effective at indoctrination than at education. :-/

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