Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Conservative Student's Survival Guide



Anonymous said...

If I understood this correctly, a doctorate in "Grasping the Obvious" with at least one post-graduate class in "Talking Down to People" gets one a professorship at Prager. Then again, maybe adopting the tone of all the teachers in the taxpayer-funded public madrassas is the only way to punch through the noise. I'm getting too old for this sh** when even the "good guys" piss me off! -- General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

Helly said...

Welp, in my day we didn't go to class to challenge the instructor. The main idea was to shut up, listen, and study to get what you could from the course content.

Pro tip: If your college curriculum does not include 2000 hours of lab experience (which is an apprenticeship) you're doomed. So if there is any extra time for political debates and other extracurricular activities, you're doomed.

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