Wednesday, August 31, 2016

rey Gowdy demolishes BLM ..


Trey Gowdy utterly demolishes Black Lives Matter ethnic studies professor

Gowdy is really good 

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Helly said...

Of course you want me to explain the yawning gap in Gowdy's argument. Ok.

He compares 2 murders of the same victim— one by a cop and the other by a spouse. He correctly states the victim is just as dead either way, but then falsely concludes there is no difference in these crimes. He is wrong because 'dead either way' is a straw man.

A murder is a crime to both the victim and the entire community. However, a murder by a cop is a far greater crime, and every prosecutor knows this. The cop criminal is armed, authorized, funded, and protected by the government. As a government agent, his prosecution is an indictment of the entire government. Therefore the crime advances beyond a single murder into an act of terror against the entire community.

To make matters much, much, much worse, the entire criminal justice system — judges to gumshoes — generally leap to protect their cop criminals from appropriate punishment. This emboldens rogue cops and gives BLM freaks, et al. leverage to destabilize government.

You're welcome.

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