Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dolphin Crime

She was wearing a Hillary Button?


Helly said...

This is the kind of Florida scene that fashion nightmares are made of. How to spend 2 grand beclowning yourself.

I guess the worst of it is publicly photographing with an iPad. We see this tourist-inept behavior on the beach constantly. Of course it is accessorized with a bubblegum pink case, color-blocking the turquoise terrycloth jumper, to solidify the transexual look.

Then there is the fanny bag, which would be bad enough, but this is a gruesome cyclops smilie face model. Which is too stuffed to envelope the plus-sized iPhone.

So why not juggle the aforementioned iPhone with the iPad, which brings this blond joke to its punchline when dropped on the concrete deck.

For a hundred or two, you can get a nice little camera on a wrist strap that takes great pix and won't incite crowd mockery and attacks by tasteful aquatic mammals.

Stu Tarlowe said...

So, I guess you're enjoying your position with the Fashion Police!

Helly said...

It's a tough job, Stu, but this is South Florida and somebody has to do it.

When you're out all night on the beach with a shark fishing crew and a pallet of diet beer, you are going to hear hours of exactly 2 kinds of jokes. I encourage the Blond Jokes because I don't want to hear the other kind.

Anonymous said...

We love blonde jokes too. Like the blonde who saw a sign that said "Wet Floor", so she did!
(H/T to the late Joan Rivers)
Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Skoonj said...

So the woman had her iPod stolen. Did he do it on porpoise?

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