Thursday, August 11, 2016

Superman is coming into ... who?

Mad Men Run Amok

Greatest moment in modern
marketing since "Debbie Does Dallas"

Tommy "Gun" Mann


Sonoboy said...

Reminds me of a schoolboy joke during my youth (it may have been inspired by a Mad Magazine parody)...

"What do you get when the Six Million Dollar Man breeds with The Bionic Woman? A nuclear power plant."

So many perceptions have changed since that time, as we would have viewed nuclear power as a GOOD thing. Todays leftists would have called on the Bionic Woman to get an save the planet.

Dilbertnomore said...

I think they misspelled the word between 'is' and 'in'.

Anonymous said...

Old joke Sonoboy. Punch line only. 'Not near as surprised as the Invisible Man was!'

Anonymous said...

I think it was Larry Niven that wrote the story Man of Steel, Woman of Klenex. Super man's sperm blasting through Lois Lane like depleted uranium rounds shredding a missile.

pdwalker said...

he did.

I think alcohol was involved in the inspiration of the story.

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