Wednesday, August 10, 2016

.. republic be on its last legs?


Could our republic be on its last legs?
Irrespective of election results?

Chief Justice TRKOF

If the judicial system continues to usurp power it doesn’t rightfully possess, then America’s current system can’t last much longer, according to Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz.

“We will not survive another few years as a republic, irrespective of who wins this election, if the courts are not stripped of their power,” Horowitz declared during a recent appearance on the Mark Levin Show.

Indeed, the nation is reaching a “cathartic moment in our history where elections don’t matter,” according to Horowitz.

This is because unelected judges are deciding most major social and political questions with finality. Horowitz details the danger posed by the courts in his new book “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America.”

Levin praised the book, calling it “a must-read” and “a terrific book” and deeming Horowitz “one of the smartest young men in the conservative movement today.”

Horowitz said he was inspired to write the book by two distinct events that happened Sept. 3, 2015. That was the day Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis was thrown in jail for refusing to violate her Christian faith by issuing “marriage” licenses to same-sex couples. This came after the Supreme Court in June created the constitutional “right” to homosexual marriage.


Right now Liberals have appointed approx.  52% of all federal judges. If Dems win this election that percentage is expected to reach 76%.  I have here quoted Jefferson's admonition (about watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of rancid government) so often that I fear it's reached proper triteness.  And, after all, who wants to .. you know. The risk our founders took is way under appreciated.


Helly said...

This is simple. Cut the salaries and air conditioning for *everybody* in the judicial and criminal justice system. Force them to take bribes. All problems fixed.

O. Thumanity said...

A republic is a nation where everyone is accountable to the rule of law. A democracy is a nation where the majority rules. The republic was lost years ago.

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