Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Scandal Meter must be calibrated differently ...


This article by Stu was rejected by The American Thinker.  Maybe because they had 8,000 other submissions on topic?  I am glad to post it here.

Stu Tarlowe August 10, 2016

“My Scandal Meter must be calibrated differently from the MSM’s” I often claim that I have a scandal detector and a Bravo Sierra meter.

For example, Hillary's, Bill's and Obama's speeches at the DNC practically broke my B.S. meter; they pegged the needle permanently into the red zone.

But my scandal detector must be calibrated far differently from the ones the Mainstream Media use. For example, my detector showed real scandal potential in the recent news that an Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri, who had been named and discussed in Hillary Clinton's compromised e-mails, had been executed by Iran for spying for the U.S.

This seemed to indicate that Benghazi wasn’t the only scandal which left Hillary with blood on her hands. But, as far as the major "news services" are concerned, not only did the story sink beneath the waves with nary a ripple, let alone any significant mention, but Hillary, if asked about it, would probably say,

"Well, the guy's dead, so at this point what difference does it make?"

It just didn't register on any major news service scandal detector.

 My detector also registered the potential scandal in the revelation that, seated behind Hillary at a recent rally in Florida, in the highly-visible area usually reserved for those supporters a candidate wants to show off, was the father of the man who committed the terrorist attack on the (gay) nightclub in Orlando.

On TV I encountered the story only on an "entertainment news"- type show, and even there saw or heard no mention that the fellow, Seddique Mateen, had made a public statement very critical of Donald Trump’s candidacy.

I had to get all that from "alternative media"; the story, and the Clinton campaign’s preposterous claim that they didn’t know he was there or who he was until after the rally, apparently hadn't even moved the needle on any of the MSM's meters.

Ah, but when Donald Trump quipped that Second Amendment supporters might know how to prevent or undo Hillary's anticipated stacking of the Supreme Court, then the MSM's scandal detectors started beeping!

Right away he was castigated far and wide for "advocating violence" and maybe even suggesting assassination. Such “threats”, the talking heads were all eager to pile on and tell us (almost in unison!), had no business coming from a presidential candidate.

It seemed to me that Trump’s very casual, offhand remark might have more likely been a reference to the actual rationale behind the Second Amendment, that the People of the United States have a God-given right to keep and bear the means to resist a tyrannical government.

That used to be understood by all Americans, back when American History and Civics were still part of the curriculum. Trump might even have been thinking of the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said (in a 1787 letter from Paris to his friend William Smith) "...What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms [...] The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

But to the Libs/Progs/Leftists who inhabit the Obama regime, the Hillary campaign and the ranks of sycophantic, footlicking collaborators, enablers, apologists and fellow travelers in the mainstream press, even those notions (let alone the notion that the right to resist tyranny comes from God, rather than from Government) set off their scandal detectors!


Helly said...

Stu, I also have a BS meter. This is how I calibrate it.

1. All Lefties are violent. Their founding propositions are so broken, they always need personal assault to propel their cause.

2. All Lefties are mentally ill. Normal people simply cannot understand the stuff they believe in the framework of a shared reality.

3. All Lefties are spastically hypocritical. If you want to know what Lefties are really doing, just look at what they accuse Americans of doing. Works every time.

4. All Lefties depend on double standards. Given the slightest ambiguity, they apply the "worst first" standard to their perceived enemies, and 'best first" alternatives to their comrades.

5. All Lefties are opportunists. This comes from constantly living in conflict with others and reality itself. It makes them better fighters, which amplifies their violent tendencies.

6. All Lefties shamelessly escalate all conflicts. Of course they love to fight for the sake of fighting, but losers crave visible success like crack. They will sacrifice all goodwill that credibility brings to get that next win.

Applying these principals, we can predict Dems will transmogrify every ambiguous Trump utterance into an illegal and immoral action. And whenever Hillary does her nasty things, they know they have a kindred spirit in her candidacy.

rickn8or said...

Insult and ad hominem are the default Leftie response in any discussion.

Richard Solomon said...

Helly- this is brilliant and should be taught in every civics class. I would like to add one point which you touch on slightly:
Lefties are shameless and consequently will either grin stupidly (tacitly acknowledging you)when you cite the above points, call you a racist, or infer that you are ignorant and brainwashed. They will never debate specifically on the subject at hand but instead will try to change the focus to something irrelevant but distantly related.

Helly said...

You're right, Richard. Lefties' uses of falsities and fallacies are encyclopedic. I studied mathematical and symbolic logic in school, but it's still a challenge to track these fraudulent rants.

Thank you for the encouragement, but I must admit to using the stupid grin technique myself. Just a month ago, I drove an elderly church lady up from Sarasota to her summer home in Brevard, NC. She was excited to introduce me to her hundreds of friends there. At one party, some Dems were hyperventilating about Trump. I just grinned and sipped my Merlot. Frustrated at my silence, they attempted to engage me with direct questions. I responded, "As a guest, it's not my place to spoil the evening with partisan conversation."

My hostess — knowing I could melt these dopes like butter — came to her senses and commanded an immediate end to political discussion. Later, they contritely invited me to an epic single malt scotch tasting. So evasion does have it's rewards.

pdwalker said...


*clap clap clap*

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Helly, we want to have your baby.

Helly said...

Rodge, we've been hanging out for at least a decade now; commiserated the Obama Junta together. You've been a good influence during my TV-free years.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I seem to remember that you showed up on my screen with Somthing to about Flying Butresses ... Gave you an award

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