Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tea Party Patriots

Snip and Re-Post
I have met very few people who know what triggered the Tea Party movement. Well here it is. Tell me you disagree with a plea to hold our elected officials responsible for their unconscionable spending.  

That video resonated like shots fired at Bunker Hill. Regular citizens began showing up at town hall meetings held by members of congress, and the pols reacted with horror.   That's right. And here's what happend in the 2010 election.

GOP roars back to take U.S. House; Democrats cling to Senate majority

What do the left do when confronted with disapprobation? They take vengeance by using their allegiance with the media to demonize. Here's one example of their Alinsky-like handiwork.

Are these people we want governing us? Really? Then vote the whole lot out of office and stand up to supercilious  liberals who sneer without knowing how to close a barn door.

PS- This is what got me started in general. . Did the Tea Party become the “Trump Party”?


Helly said...

Did the Tea Party become the “Trump Party”?

I have 2 data points for you — 1 for NeverHillary and 1 for Tea Party.

pdwalker said...

still an excellent rant. and still true.

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