Monday, September 05, 2016

Some 'son of a bitch'

Hey There!


DougM said...

I'll drink to that.

Tom Smith said...

Not sure if she was a whore but $20 is $20.

Skoonj said...

My wife, from the Philippines, says what he said wasn't that harsh there. On the other hand, whatever he said was earned by the recipient.

bocopro said...

Interesting. Filipino President Duterte said something we all have been aware of for many years . . . that Obama is a “son of a bitch.” Or did he?

Since Duterte took office less than 90 days ago, nearly 2500 suspected drug dealers/users/traffickers have been killed without judicial process (their system of public law is closely related to our own). When asked about his scheduled meeting in Laos with Obama and what he might say if the issue of killings of drug dealers were raised, Duterte said he would “swear at him” and actually called him a “son of a bitch” according to several news reports.

Referred to by many as the Pinoy Trump, Duterte said, “I am president of a sovereign state, and we long ago ceased to be a colony. I have no master except the Filipino people. You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. Putangina, I will swear at you.” Duterte has also recently been what many call very disrespectful to the Pope and has said some very uncomplimentary things about UN SecGen Ban Ki Moon.

Now, I don’t generally swear at the Pontiff, but I have little respect for the UN and especially for the past several Secretaries General, including Ban Ki Moon. Interesting, tho, what Obama had to say when told what Duterte had said about Duterte, in essence, he is a “colorful guy.”

O.K. Putangina is one of my wife’s favorite exclamations. By itself, that is sans pronouns, it’s generally a mild expletive, kinda like “sonofagun” or “I’ll be darned.” When the personal pronoun ka (you) or the possessive mo (your) accompanies it, tho, it becomes a definite insult.

The term itself is a hybrid deriving from the Spanish word puta (whore) and the Tagalog inay (mother). Originally it would have been puta ang inay mo. As with all languages over time, speakers began to go with the principle of least effort (P.O.L.E.) and anticipate, much as we do with “gonna” (going to) in English, so that the ang was elided and joined with the puta to become putangina. Today the most deliberate insult use is to connect the pronoun and come up with a single word, putanginamo, translating directly as “You mother is a whore,” a strong equivalent of the English “sonofabitch,” much like the Mexican “hijo de la chingada."

Of course Duterte used no pronouns, so the worst his mild expletive can legally translate to would be “dammit.”

For my part, I have no quarrel with a chief executive of a country plagued by drug problems using his power to get rid of the dealers and traffickers. I also have no problem with politicians saying what’s actually on their minds instead of what they think the audience in front of them at the time might like to hear, which could be 180 degrees from what he said to the last audience.

Hey, if the Pope is wrong, he’s wrong. If the Secretary General of the UN is a jerk, he’s a jerk. And if the President of the US is a sonofabitch, hey . . . what’s new?

Helly said...

I forgot what I was going to say. Bocopro's comment was too interesting and informative.

Anonymous said...

I *do* believe the term he used was SON OF A WHORE.
Less about animals and more about the morals of - ahem - the A§$.

rickn8or said...

I'd say "Son of a howah" is pretty accurate.

"Putanginamo, don't tell me how to run my country and I won't tell you how to run yours. Fuck with me, and I'll shut down the FedEx terminal for a couple of weeks. See how you like having Fred Smith riding your ass."

Anonymous said...

Yup, "son of a whore" sounds more likely than the "son of a bitch" our media leads us to believe was said.

Is it slander? Only if it's not true.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Anonymous said...

Under multiculturalism, isn't it wrong to judge other cultures? Aren't all cultures equal? If the Philippines wants to kill drug dealers, isn't it their business and none of Obama's or the UN's. Hypocrites. They're the ones that tell us it's wrong to judge others.

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