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            Tuesday, September 06, 2016


The FBI interviewed Hillary for 3.5 hours on July 2 at its headquarters in DC. Three days later, Comey announced his shocking decision, despite listing all the ways Clinton and her aides were careless with classified materials on her private email server. For example, she had NO IDEA how to classify information. .. [FULL]
Never mind.  At this point it's undeniable.  She's a liar.  She's incompetent. She has a brain implant that's keeping her alive and animated, just enough, to get her enough votes via early voting by e-mail ballots to wrap up a victory by the end of September,  at which point her campaign will announce that she is so pissed-off by negative campaigning that she has decided to remain in seclusion until her inauguration ( which will be be broadcast from her bunker because of threats by Donald Trump to strafe the event using his personal B-2 bomber).  Everyone knows this is true.

Aside: I am in fact convinced that the "combine" are determined to disrupt this election by setting predicates (e.g.U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections -WaPo)  for an election nullification.  Is it because I have zero faith in the integrity of our election process?  Damn tootin'.

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            Never mind everything ... Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 9/06/2016 10:27:00 AM | PERMALINK Back Link (1) | Send This Post | HOME


Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
Martha Stewart went to jail for a lot less than Shrillary did.
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