Saturday, September 03, 2016

Terp's FB Opener

Maryland football opens as 48.5-point
favorite  for season opener vs ... Ohio State. 
48.8 POINTS!

Will they they bet that spread? 


Whoops.  Sorry.  They open against Howard University. They still won't beat that spread, IMO. But they will rock and roll


Ralph Gizzip said...

Are the Terps as good as Bowling Green? BGSU just took a 77-10 thrashing in the 'Shoe.
Rebuild? Nah, just reload.

Helly said...

You know how you post that 'crappy post' MST 3000 banner sometimes? You need something like that for a sports trigger warning. TIA

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Come on Helly, this is a saloon blog.

Helly said...

I'm down with 'saloon blog.' Seriously.

You explain crappy post MST 3000 banner in the 'saloon blog' construct.

And make it work for a 60 hour buzz.

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