Saturday, September 03, 2016


The people are terrorists and killers

The infamous hacker Guccifer 2.0 released hacked memos he claims came from Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer. She and her staff have denied the allegation, saying, “Leader Pelosi does not have a personal computer at the DCCC, so no hacked, dumped or doctored documents can be attributed to her computer.” In any case, the leaked memos reveal strategic guidance for Democrats as to how best to deal with the Black Lives Matter activist/agitator group. They advise Democrats to “partner” with the group and to “lead from behind,” but not to “co-opt” their movement. The memo warns Democrats to steer clear of using phrases such as “all lives matter” and “black-on-black crime.” You know, avoid saying true things.

Many of the demands of Black Lives Matter are outright racist, yet Democrat leadership views BLM as a movement that can help garner them more votes and support for their leftist causes. The problem is that because the BLM platform is so radical, Democrats risk looking too extreme should they be aligned too closely with BLM. In the meantime, they are content to show support for the radical movement, without getting their hands dirty, as it were.

The real story here is that the Democrat Party would want to so willingly identify itself with such a radical, racist group as Black Lives Matter. Then again, it should come as no surprise given Democrats' long, checkered history of supporting various radical and racists groups.

I thought Pelosi was dead? 


toadold said...

The fun thing is the financing for BLM is from white guys like Soros and other 0.1 percenters.

Skoonj said...

I hope President Trump pardons the Guccifer 1 guy, the one from Romania.

Helly said...

1. white guys like Soros He is not "white" in any sense of the word.

2. President Trump pardons the Guccifer 1 guy Awesome. This hacker is a Hero of the Republic.

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