Thursday, October 20, 2016

Because I am hating too many guts ..


MoSup and me are doing a pre-election, nine day (novena) bread and water fast, and saying the rosary.  Because that's what works for us. So far, two thoughts.

  1. I'm calmer
  2. I'm dying for a hamburger
Peace be with you too.


OregonGuy said...

And also with you.

Even if it is out of favour.

Deplorable Helly said...

Because that's what works for us.

I'm making Arnold Palmers: Half iced tea, half vodka, lemon twist.

Anonymous said...

Your only doing this because you think that being a catholic is "the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion".

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Okay, I larfed

toadold said...

"All public officials will be required to wear full clown costumes and must have a red ball nose. They must be sprayed with cheap perfume and booze at least once a week. This must be done to protect the children."

Linda Fox said...

I've never had good luck with Novenas. I'm sure they work, but I tend to forget at some point in the 9 days, and have to re-boot the whole thing.

I'm starting a new feature on my blog - HSFWALT - Have Some Fun With A Liberal Today.

leelu said...

Pax Nabisco.

Anonymous said...

Raj, what are we missing in the first cartoon? We don't get it.
(Hey, most folks don't get our noms, either.)

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Mike C said...

I volunteered to be a poll watcher for the GOP in Virginia. At the training last night they noted the the McAwful government had something like 84000 provisional ballots printed up in a state where there were only like 5000 provisional ballots cast in the last election. I think that means there are going to be a lot of people at the polls who aren't supposed to be voting trying to anyway. It should be a hoot! Do I expect Trump to win in VA? Not really. There are just too many ways cheat. My goal is to have fun making the ones that I can personally catch miserable.

Anonymous said...

Mike C - How did you get to be a poll watcher? I asked my RINO precinct captain to connect me with that opportunity, and first he said it wasn't necessary "because elections in Virginia are pretty good." I reminded him of the crap in 2012, 2013, 2014 with polls closing hours late and returns not coming in from Dem districts until the wee hours. Dems conveniently won by small margins, making anybody with half a brain wonder what went on in those places after normal poll closing times. After I told him I realize our district, being heavily conservative (Dave Brat, slayer of Eric Cantor), was probably going to be honest and I really wanted to do this and was willing to travel to a Dem district, he gave me a link, but it turned out to be an application to be a poll worker, not a poll watcher. I really think he's getting senile.
Can you point me in the right direction, or is it too late?
I live in the Richmond, Virginia area.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Mike C said...

Lt Col.. it may be too late.. but maybe not. I would go through the Trump campaign to see if you can get in as they actually are the ones that have the power to make things happen quickly and the ones making the decisions about where poll watchers will be deployed. Find an actual person with the campaign and state directly the you want to be a poll watcher. If you can't find them, use my contact information from blogger and email me and I'll hook you up with the people I talked to. If you can't get that on Blogger, Raj has my email address.

Ironically I got an email from my precinct captain that was a forwarded email asking for people to RSVP for the training. I RSVPd then made the mistake of emailing my precinct captain telling him I would be available. He wrote me back saying essential the same thing yours did, that the polls were well run and he really just needed people out front handing out sample ballots. I had done that before, and considered it kind of pointless, especially in this election where everyone knows the candidates pretty well.

I choose to think it's not malice or a desire to see Trump loose on his part. Perhaps its more a prioritization of the party to support the down ballot candidates. Or perhaps the same down ballot prioritization is there because all the polls say Trump will loose in Virginia, like the polls have for most major candidates for the past 15-20 years. If such prioritization is going on its kind of short sighted because if they are going to cheat, and make no mistake they surely are, they aren't going to limit the damage to just the major candidate. All GOP candidates are going to be whacked.

Whatever the case, the way I got around the precinct captain was to write back the lady that answered my RSVP telling her what he said and asking if there was any point in going to the training. She responed with the YES and the point about the campaign organization being responsible for placing poll watchers.

The training itself wasn't rocket science. It was mainly a review of the laws of the state and giving everyone a print out with the highlights citing the applicable codes. That way when we have to challange a vote cheater and get pushback from the election chief at the poll we can cite the law. For the cheaters, having someone there who can prove they know the rules in theory will make most of them back off. Or so goes the theory based on past elections.

This election who knows? I think it's may be a whole new ball game, and standing behind the check in table at the poll will be the best place to observe that. On the other hand, I have suspected that the real cheating isn't done at the polling station, but in Richmond or the central locations where the vote tallies are compiled. But again, who knows? In any case, watching the polling take place should be an illuminating experience.

One goofy new rule thanks to McAwfull this election is that you can take a selfie inside the polling location. Before of course there was no photography allowed at polling places. I wonder if that same rule would allow me to take selfies with people I think are cheaters? You know.. just for fun.. and incidentally documenting thier attempted fraud.. just a thought..

Anonymous said...

"I choose to think it's not malice or a desire to see Trump loose [sic] on his part."
"...Trump will loose [sic] in Virginia…"

Your post is interesting, and you sound like an intelligent person. But "loose"? Really? Where'd you go to school, Bub?

Phil N. LeBlanc

Rodger the Real King of France said...

In all fairness, spell checking comments is ... ahem. A misspelled word is difficult to impossible to correct, and rarely damages the response or logic. Oui?

Anonymous said...

Au contraire, Mon Frere. What you say may be true in general, but every time I see someone write "loose" in place of "lose" I think that person has a serious mental disconnect, and/or slept through basic English. It certainly means the person doesn't actually READ much. Do you remember the old International Paper ads that said, "Send me a man who reads"?
Well, it ain't the guy who can't even spell "lose".

Phil N. LeBlanc

Mike C said...

Frankly I figgerd it weren't too bad writin fer someone raised by wolves.. but by all means, go ahead and correct it. When your done here I got a whole mostly dead web site thingy you can work on next..

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