Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Today's bitch-slap

This winey, shitty, social justice warrior thinks that she has a right to stop in front of citizen's home and give him the finger, call him a racist and hurl F bombs at him. Liberals are so ignorant, they think harassment is a 1st amendment right, but of course, a conservative speaker shut down on a college campus by leftists, well they don't deserve a 1st amendment. See how this works?

This horrible woman represents every liberal commenter on Reddit and this site and probably represents most Facebook mods.



rickn8or said...

Get the teeth in that lower mandible fixed lady; you look more like a piranha than Shirley Jackson Lee.

Anonymous said...

I've got $50 that says this social justice bimbo was deeply offended by Trump saying pussy on the video. Guaranteed


Deplorable Helly said...

It is exactly the people who constantly go around looking for trouble who are always shocked — SHOCKED — when they find it.

Her son needs our prayers.

Stu Tarlowe said...

The NERVE of that motherfucking Trump supporter to have an AMERICAN FLAG on his car!!!

(Seriously, kudos to the cop for saying, "What did you do?" and for showing that he knows the law far better than she does and that SHE may be held liable. And for keeping a straight face when he asks "Why don't you just move on?"

BTW, when she says "He scared me by driving super fast behind my car", HOW FAST WAS SHE DRIVING?

P.S. She gets the chutzpah award for making it ultimately about "the glass ceiling".

Tom said...

A great example of why police are called peace officers - that gentleman deserves an award for patience.

Helly's right about this bimbos poor son. I wonder if there's still a man in her life.

MAX Redline said...

Can someone just put her out of her misery?

Anonymous said...

Huge, ugly mouth on that cnut, probably enlarged by sucking donkey dicks. She is a Dem, after all.
Progressives in the USA have yet to feel consequences for their actions, thanks to a surplus of good will, hard work and money provided by the productive sector. That margin of grace is dried up now.
If H wins, I sincerely hope Big Mouth feels real, personal, painful consequences from her political ideology, at work, at home, and at play if she knows how - everywhere - in her miserable life.
Think: Venezuela
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

what a ...peach

Anonymous said...

Tried to watch. 15-30 sec, couldn't stand it anymore. Wanted to grab her by the pussy and throw her out of the ring.


Juice said...

Libs are -always- the victims of any situation, it's in their DNA, even though she drew first blood because she didn't want to "see" his opposing political view on his private property.

Although Helly is correct that we should pray for her son, Tailgunner has the right idea for the mom (donkey dicks).

molonlabe28 said...

Where's the woman in the pic?

I don't see one.

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