Sunday, October 30, 2016

Obama strikes. Again.


cuzzin ricky

In the late 60's HUD did something similar in D.C.  There was a tony little apartment building on Wisconsin Ave, amidst embassies,  and just south of the very chic Chevy Chase.  The agency decided to force ( I forget how; maybe the building was in financial straights) owners to turn it into welfare haven.  Lot of dissent, but HUD brought the  hammer down and, lickety-split, the building was home to some very poor Black families.  Right out of the box they screamed bloody murder because [Duh] the only supermarket in the area was an upscale, "International"  Safeway that catered to the embassy crowd, selling caviar, whole pigs, and Filet mignon.  At very high prices.  The same problem existed with other shops.  I remember that after a spate of news stories in the Washington Post and Washington Star, it all just went away. Probably because the local muck-a-mucks grew tired, and slapped a lid on the whole affair.

So, there's that example.


Anonymous said...

Social engineering. Arrogance verging on insanity.

Anonymous said...

Back about 2009 one in five of the houses in my racist neighborhood, where the white folks live, was in foreclosure. Even to my dim mind, it was obvious that his play here was to just section 8 every bank owned house in town and "culturally enrich" (destroy all property values)the middle class. I guess he was too invested in destroying health care to get it done. It's too little too late now. Black people are now irrelevant due to the new Central American majority, and I've never met a section 8 hispanic.-Anymouse

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Rip Tide said...

As Mr. Limbaugh keeps reiterating: "Liberalism is a form of mental illness that knows no cure." I've got one that involves the application of a heavy metal particle being accelerated by a quantity of Smith & Wesson headache powder. This remedy should be applied as many times as needed until the pain goes away.

Anonymous said...

Human Nature Deniers!!!1!!!!!!


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ah, thanks for some good Sondraky snidery

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