Sunday, October 30, 2016

Today's Homily

Is Trump a Tea Party-ish Conservative?
No. But ...
  • He is a capitalist
  • He understands high finance
  • He speaks his minddamn the political consequences
  • He does not suffer fools
  • He fires people who don't perform
  • He loves his country
  • He is not a member of the "Capitol Hill Club"
  • That a corrupt GOP are joined with the more corrupt DNC and outrageously corrupt mass media to destroy Trump says it all.

Given the precipice upon which our nation now stand, I'd say that Trump is a gift from God.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

--General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

toadold said...

Given that Hillary & etc. have become subjects of a "Downfall" parody, it is going to very hard for them to stuff the Wiener back in the bottle.

Chris in NC said...

Early voting for him tomorrow. Sadly I don't think he'll win. The democrats have a built in majority of welfare leaches, mooches, parasites and dumbed down stupid people from the public education system (millennials) and the like. I believe Trump was one of few who could challenge that but I don't know if it is enough. As I have said before I don't think a repub will ever win the white house again.

MAX Redline said...

But can he carry the all-important dead vote?

Anonymous said...

Voted early already (in NC too) for Trump. I'm not a big fan of his, but he's got one thing going for him over Hillary - he shouldn't be in jail and she should. End of story.

Skoonj said...

Got a recording call today from the DCCC, which I take to mean the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They asked if I voted, and I said I already have. Then they asked about the candidates I voted for, top to bottom of the ticket. I told them I voted for Democrats. For statistical reasons, they asked for my year of birth, and I gave them my wife's. Then, male or female, and I selected female.

I really hate lying like that, but hell, they're Democrats, so it isn't like lying to people. I've done this a couple of times so far. And the calls are so annoying.

On the 8th, I'd like to take a few I Voted stickers, and put them on headstones at the cemetery.

Anonymous said...

They lied to you first, Skoonj, so there's that.

Sir H the Comet

Rodger the Real King of France said...

From the Best Ever FILES:

On the 8th, I'd like to take a few I Voted stickers, and put them on headstones at the cemetery.


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